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Wanted: 1936 Dodge 1/2 ton Transmission


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I would look for a master maintenance manual or a Motor's manual for your truck which shows pictures and gives detailed instructions on repairs. Do you really need a new transmission simply because it's apart or do you know that something in it is bad or missing? Most transmissions, with a good cleaning and new bearings will serve well as long as the gears and shafts are not damaged.I think that the 1/2 ton p/u transmission may be the same as the car transmission, although the truck might use a different bell housing or e-brake setup.

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Reg ... Mine looks like yours in the first pic but with the bolts for attaching the E brake.

The number on the casing is: 631841




Maybe I'm going about this the wrong way  ... Here's the story:

In neutral it makes noise like a bad throw out bearing ... I replaced that, no improvement.

In first and second gears going down the road it makes ALOT of noise. The noise calms down in third gear.

My next thought, front bearing. Bearing looks good.

After I got into it, what I did find was that the end of the main shaft where it fits into the input shaft (with the 14 rollers ) is pretty messed up.

So ... both the input shaft, rollers, and main shaft are going to need replacing.




I agree with jpage ... it's just a gear box and there really isn't too much that can go wrong.

The rest of the innards look really good and replacing the two shafts might just solve the problem. (if I can figure out how to get the gears off the shaft).

This leads me to a new problem ... Parts!

Ebay appears to have a couple shafts ... at the usual high ebay prices of course, but I didn't see any rollers.

Does anyone know where I can find the parts I need?

At this point I think I might just try to fix it myself ... whats the worst that can happen?

For those who haven't figured it out yet, I have no idea what I'm doing :) ... But I'm learning.

I really do appreciate everybody's input ... Thanks!!




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Hmmm. If it is a '36 LC 1/2 ton, it should be case 651357 or 651358. Same as Chrysler '36 C7, Airstr., C8 Airstr exc. 7 pass., '36 dodge D2, '36 Ply all exc. 7 pass., according to The Hollander 1952. I'll look for that case - it is harder because it is not indexed by case number.


On the larger Dodge trucks of that era (1.5-2 T), they used the T213 gearbox but The Hollander says "no data available" for the case number.

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If it's the same as the '36 Dodge car I should have some extra parts. I'd have to dig them out and inspect them but I think they would be okay. The main gear set is held on with a lock ring behind the assy. Check all the rollers for any pits or damage too.I would replace the bearings  too regardless of appearance. Everything should be disassembled , cleaned and inspected for wear. I'll see if I can e-mail you some photos and instructions to get you started if you can PM me your e-mail address.Make sure you use a heavy( 140 wt or 600 wt) gear lube as lubricant.

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The cases may be a little different due to the e-brake positioning but the internals should be the same. Judging from the photo, the input shaft looks ok unless there is heavy pitting inside the drive gear where the rollers ride or the leading tips of the gear broken or worn down. The pilot bushing in the flywheel may be worn out too.

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On 17/03/2018 at 7:29 AM, eulcon said:

Great! ... Thanks again!

How do we know for sure that this transmission is from a 1936 LC?

I don't. I am wondering if it is an earlier gearbox. I see there was a Willys from '33-36 that used a box 630041 for the first part of the run, so the box you have might be about '33.


Also, my Hollander starts at 1935 for Chryco. (1929 for Chev!).


Is it a 3 speed or 4 speed?


The first of the boxes shown above by Reg Evans is a 651358, which is the correct box for your truck.

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It's a 3 speed ...

Here's some good news ... I decided to go ahead and overhaul it myself :o

I found the parts I need except for the rollers (still need those if anybody knows where I can find some).

Anyway ... while I was cleaning up the casing, I found that the case is stamped on the back between the casing and the rear bearing housing.

(See pic ) ... I don't know what the first number indicates, but if I'm not mistaken, the T-23 makes it a 1936 Dodge LC ...PERFECT!!



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The '33 and '34 transmissions are mounted from above and the shift leaver actually fastens to the support and not the transmission. It has a different case number because it is a different case as far s the e-brake mounting. I have some loose rollers and I should have them all. I found them but didn't count or inspect them. i'll check them today and let you know.

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