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  1. From the price list of accessories for my '33 Plymouth it looks like the side mounts did (change that to could) come with the cover because it says $30.00 for black or $32.50 for color.
  2. It looks like the ones on my 33 Plymouth.
  3. Yes I do Jeff. Check eBay under seller Grandpadodge
  4. Yes, I still re-do these. eBay #123541302079 Thanks, Reg Evans
  5. It's still going strong. Just a name change. Try...……..Mopar flathead Truck Forum
  6. If that serial number is 82528840 this vin decoder says it's a 1947.
  7. I make and sell these and more on eBay. Here's an example.... eBay # 123395926265 I make other years too so if interested have a look at my other items. Thanks !
  8. I make these plus other years and makes. eBay # 123360305393. Check my other listing too if interested.
  9. Where was the Vista Rod Run held ?
  10. No, I don't know Thane. I'll try looking him up.
  11. where in Nor Cal do you live Mopar Scott ? I'm also in Nor Cal in Grass Valley. I'd love to see your cars sometime.
  12. Where can I buy them for my 33 PD? 4 total. thanks