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  1. Have you looked at this site? Lots and lots of info here compiled by Tod Fitch. Plymouth: The First Decade (ply33.com)
  2. I would first re-torque the head bolts to see if that stops the seepage. Make sure yo follow the tightening sequence.
  3. Don, I want to buy the air cleaner. I tried to send you the payment via PayPal but there are 4 Donald Feeney's listed. Send me a PayPal invoice at rego@hughes.net for the $150.00 Thanks, Reg
  4. Sold, I'll take it !! Does PayPal work ? rego@hughes,net
  5. Sorry, I only reproduce the ones with the numbers and letters on the back of the glass. Not the metal faces at this time.
  6. If yours has a vacuum advance on the distributor make sure it's working properly. ie.....no hole in the diaphram.
  7. Well, if you lived closer to me in Calif. I'd pay $300 for it. If you gave it a compression test and posted the results you might get more $.
  8. Oh cool. A D42 engine is a 230 ci engine from a 51 or 52 Dodge car. A bit more powerful than a 50 Truck 218 ci.
  9. Two questions. 1) where is the engine located ? 2) what is the engine number ? It's located on the block just above the alternator in your 2nd photo. Reg
  10. Maybe a previous owner swapped out the original 4.1 ratioed rear end for a 3.5 or 3.0. I did this to my 52 1/2 ton. It now has a 3.0 rear and a 251 Chrysler L6.
  11. I have two old but nice radiators I'd sell. Not sure of their applications except that they are DCPD. The larger one is #591259. Make me an offer. Rego@hughes.net Reg Evans
  12. My '39 Royal had a solenoid actuated starter when I got it.
  13. Thanks dpcdfan. That'll learn me for relying on my memory.
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