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  1. A couple years ago I had the same problem with my '36 1/2 ton. I had about 6 inches of play at the steering wheel which made driving a bit challenging, not to mention dangerous. I had my steering gear box rebuilt by Lares Corporation www.larescorp.com. They did a good job with about a 2 week turn around. From what I remember, it was a little expensive though, but worth it to me. My truck rides down the road nice and straight now. I was haapy with the work they did (not too happy about the price though) Check out their website www.larescorp.com
  2. Been working on the windshield frame ...😲 The bad news is that the bottom portion is rotted much much worse then I originally thought 😥 Any ideas where I can find a new one? (or am I just dreaming again)
  3. Now I get it !! Boy do I feel stupid ... I didn't see the grove because it looks filled in. I started picking where the grove should be, and it's filled with the tab from an old hardened seal that somebody painted over. This all makes sense now!! I guess the next step is to take it off, clean it up and get a seal ... at least I know what I'm looking for now. Thanks again for the help!
  4. Thanks for the help ... I appreciate it. If 2897A-WS is the correct seal, what holds it in place ... Adhesive? Here's what I've got:
  5. Looking for the correct windshield seal for a '36 dodge 1/2 ton crank out windshield ... the one that seals the windshield frame to the cab. Every search I do shows a different seal. My truck's seal is long gone, so I don't have anything to compare it to. Picture of the shape would be a lot of help. Thanks!
  6. It's a 3 speed ... Here's some good news ... I decided to go ahead and overhaul it myself I found the parts I need except for the rollers (still need those if anybody knows where I can find some). Anyway ... while I was cleaning up the casing, I found that the case is stamped on the back between the casing and the rear bearing housing. (See pic ) ... I don't know what the first number indicates, but if I'm not mistaken, the T-23 makes it a 1936 Dodge LC ...PERFECT!!
  7. Inside the drive gear is badly worn and very heavily pitted, as are the rollers. I've found new replacement shafts ... All I need now are the rollers. Any idea where I can find some?
  8. Great! ... Thanks again! How do we know for sure that this transmission is from a 1936 LC?
  9. Reg ... Mine looks like yours in the first pic but with the bolts for attaching the E brake. The number on the casing is: 631841 Maybe I'm going about this the wrong way ... Here's the story: In neutral it makes noise like a bad throw out bearing ... I replaced that, no improvement. In first and second gears going down the road it makes ALOT of noise. The noise calms down in third gear. My next thought, front bearing. Bearing looks good. After I got into it, what I did find was that the end of the main shaft where it fits into the input shaft (with the 14 rollers ) is pretty messed up. So ... both the input shaft, rollers, and main shaft are going to need replacing. I agree with jpage ... it's just a gear box and there really isn't too much that can go wrong. The rest of the innards look really good and replacing the two shafts might just solve the problem. (if I can figure out how to get the gears off the shaft). This leads me to a new problem ... Parts! Ebay appears to have a couple shafts ... at the usual high ebay prices of course, but I didn't see any rollers. Does anyone know where I can find the parts I need? At this point I think I might just try to fix it myself ... whats the worst that can happen? For those who haven't figured it out yet, I have no idea what I'm doing ... But I'm learning. I really do appreciate everybody's input ... Thanks!!
  10. Thanks for the reply ... My transmission is in pieces right now ... maybe someone has a pic of a one they can post.
  11. Looking for a good transmission for my 1936 Dodge 1/2 ton ... Any ideas? Thanks!
  12. Could someone please identify this transmission from the casing numbers? Thanks!
  13. Did it! ... I had the pedals off so I slipped them over the bottom ends. To my surprise they went on relatively easy using plenty of dish soap. They stretch a lot further than I thought they would. Thanks again!
  14. Wow ... I've been wondering this for quite a while ... now I know! I guess that makes sense ... The engineers at Dodge must have put a lot of thought into that idea ... lol. Now I have to try to stretch that little piece of rubber over that big pedal I appreciate it! ... Thanks!!
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