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Auburn meet

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Thank you all!!  Record 260 cars at Auburn, Indiana  195 Judges....you guys came through.  This is going to be a great meet.  Please do not forget the Friday night concert...you have plenty of time afterwards to go to eat and by then you will be hungry.  It will be a GREAT concert with a nationally famous Beach Boy band...I think a 409 will show up on stage, beach balls to go around and maybe a surprise or two. 

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No problems.


However, there is a problem with the Beach Boys on Friday night.  They are beached in Nashville instead of Auburn as they canceled on us BUT we will have a concert and a great one.  A 7 piece band out of Michigan has been hired and we will have a great time.  Join us everyone.

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Steve, we have not received our parking pass. I noted on our registration that all correspondence should be sent to us here at the shop but I suspect the pass was sent to the owner of the car in Paris. He will not attend. How can we get a pass for our truck and trailer? We are leaving here early Thursday morning.

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