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  1. how do I register our Website for 2021 national awards consideration. It a work in progress. but could make the minium. https://fvrcr.aaca.com/ Joe Block Webguy Packards42@yahoo.com
  2. 1940 convertible sedan picture and more info.
  3. Just reserved a Alamo car for minn-Staint paul airport. only one car company was available. not real cheap either. My wife read that the National rent a car did purchase any durning the Coronavirus lockdown and there a shortage now. if your coming into the airport MSP around 6-8 Am we could share my car, I am returning Sunday morning, and have a room near the airport for Saturday night, Have room too Thursday and Friday at the Microtel 2 bed available.
  4. I need a left and right engine vent panel, between tire and engine. found a single right that needs work., anyone have a pair available.
  5. I have several delux heater for your car, private mail me. Dash clock to for 180 gold. Packards42@yahoo.com
  6. I found a pair on hearse side mount covers, there was only the hinge and loc for one side. and backing cover. Any one have a spare hinge and lock, or backside sheet metal 1/2 round cover. Joe Block
  7. i the chrysler still available, that ambulance intrigues me. Professional cars.
  8. yes, i selling off my 40 to 42 spare parts.
  9. I enjoyed reading this 19th issue. it is a nice break from spending the day inside away from the outdoor cold. Good job to all the author's. Joe Block
  10. if Puerto Rico looks safe. we plan to be there. it is always a great meet I hope we get early vacine, but doubt it be available here. as Washington State Govonor wants independent tests performed by the state on any new vaccines. there at least 3 going for Federal approvals.
  11. great news as i developing a CJE on batteries and loose pictures or old battery case are appreciated. joe
  12. Last minute health issue, I needed to cancel my trip. You guys and gals enjoy your time at Gettysburg.
  13. Ditto Mark's comments. This will be my third trip to a Gettysburg's National and it keep getting better. I come a day early, thursday evening, so I have some time Friday, I even came on Wednesday one year.
  14. Mark, thanks. I wrote Stan as you suggested and we all sorted for me to Judge on Saturday. I may visit the Eastern Museum again, I,d like to check the old motorcycles and dragster vehicles out in more detail. Also there a miniature battlefield reenactment in downtown, for $6 fee for senior, a 30 minute show with over 20,000 little soldiers. Parking in the rear off a side street, and there a rear entrance from the parking lot, other than the show it a souvenir shop. The Eisenhower farm is not to far outside Gettysburg too, if you look in the garage window there is a Chrysler presidential Limo. https://www.nps.gov/eise/index.htm
  15. do have a picture of the handles i have some 41 jr handles nos joe
  16. 1942 prefered. 120 160 or 180 front clip sheet metal. i wouldconsider1941 too
  17. If you have not visited the Eastern Race Car Museum near Gettysburg, included it in your plans, its great! This past August was my second trip. I had volunteer lead me around and he explain the history of Midget Race cars to me one car at a time. A wonderful 2 hours. We both wore masks.
  18. Is there a need for judges for the Special National in Gettysburg, Nov 7th. The online registration has not open yet, Oct 12, i still get error message. Or "Have Sufficient Hershey Judges transferring over to the Special Meet." Any updates appreciated. If you have not visited the Eastern race car Museum near Gettysburg, included in your plans, its great! This past August was my second trip. I had volunteer lead me around and he explain the history of Midget Race cars to me one car at a time. A wonderful 2 hours.
  19. https://maxmarineelectronics.com/product/orpin-model-c-series-parallel-battery-switch-free-us-shipping/ out of stock check back or give them a call.
  20. puchase a new orpin switch on ebay reasonable price about 3 years ago.
  21. Gillian and I are looking forward to Puerto Rico. and Maybe a Cruise before or after the show.
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