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A good friend needs two coils as he has two weak ones to replace.  Is this style hard to come by seeing every one he tries the contacts do not line up. I did not know there are different styles and how ward are they to find??? The bottom contact is in a different location on any he looks at.



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In 1913, Ford standardized the ignition coils to the new KW design. Before that, Coils and coil boxes were made by several different companies and used somewhat randomly on cars at the factory, with new changes in style and fit every year. 1908 into early '13 can be a lot of fun to sort out. I think there are at least a dozen different boxes and coils used in those few years.

In addition to that, pre Ts and non-Fords also used even more boxes and styles and manufacturers.  In the early days, Ford was NOT the only car to use a four coil system.  It is not unusual to find one of those boxes on a model T either.

Although I have been tinkering with model Ts for about 45 years now, I am not an expert on the early coils and coil boxes.  I would suggest your friend contact someone who is an expert on them.

There is also a fair chance that your friend may have coils and a box that may not quite match.  The fit is different enough on them that many do not come even close. But some do get close enough to go in and not work right.  You do want to deal with someone that really knows them well.

The MTFCA website has a suppliers link page, the few of the coil people listed there are very good (under "specialty suppliers".  Not all of them are as good with the early coils, they are a lot more difficult to get right.

Some people do use modified or modern repro boxes that can run the common later coils.  However, if properly rebuilt by someone that knows what they are doing? The early ones work just fine.

I do have a couple of personal preferences for coil repair, but I am not certain who is really best for early coils.

I also am not sure of the etiquette on this site for recommending vendors, or posting links to commercial sites? But if you can get a personal message to me, I could tell you who I prefer.


(Copied my reply from the General discussions thread)
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