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6 Volt Halogen Bulbs

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I have been told that someone manufactures 6 volt Halogen bulbs, headlights, tail lights, and interior lights for 6 volt cars from the 30's.  I was also told the bulbs fit into the existing sockets and do not need modifications.  I drive my cars so I would be interested in these bulbs if they truly give off more light at night than the standard bulbs that originally came with the cars.  I am looking for bulbs for 33 and 35 Buick, and 37 Packard.  If anyone has tried such a bulb, I would be interested in knowing how much of an improvement they provided.  Thanks.  

Email:  Pint4@new.rr.com

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5 hours ago, DavidMc said:

Try this supplier.  I have not tried them and have heard mixed reports.



I bought quartz-halogen replacements for my car 10 or so years ago from Classic and Vintage Bulbs. At that time the only issue was getting payment to them. The bulbs arrived promptly and have been working fine in my car ever since.

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I bought my halogen replacement bulbs for my Plymouth p-6 at the little British car co.  website is  www.lbcarco.com.  I love them.  I am running an updated generator and have plenty of power to run them.  I will definitely buy a set of brake and taillight bulbs soon.  I cannot spend too much to keep people from running over me.

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The Little British Car Co., is the American distributor for Classic and Vintage Bulbs (Australia).  The fellow from Australia shows up at Hershey each year, so if you are willing to wait until then, you might be able to save a bit of money by buying directly. 


You would want to check the Classic and Vintage website first, to make sure they have the correct base to fit your socket (they probably do) and I believe there are a couple different wattages available, so you would want to make sure of the capacity of your generator.


I ran a pair of Classic and Vintage halogen lamps in my car several years ago.  The fitted right into the existing 1930's three-pin socket.  They were certainly brighter than the standard tungsten lamps that are still available.  The only problem I had with them was when my voltage regulator malfunctioned.  The voltage suddenly spiked and -- simultaneously -- the high and low beams of both lamps burned out in one glorious and blinding burst of light.  Glorious and expensive.  Fifty dollars up in smoke in a split second.  No one seems to know for sure why this happened, but until I can find some sort of "fuse" that limits voltage to each of the lamps, I'm not going to install any more halogen lamps!

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Guest BillP

Of course, it always helps to read the title of the post before responding. The original poster said halogen, i thought LED. I do that sort of thing.


i did put halogen headlights on my old MG (now sold). I don't know where I got them but they sure were bright. I ran the feed through a relay so full lamp current wouldn't go through the original Lucas switch.


It's LED tail lights on the Porsche, but that's not the topic.

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