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  1. Hey Greg so where do you stand on the wiper motor mounting? do you have it figured out yet? If I need to I will go out and reacquaint myself with mine, but I seem to remember that the motor mounts through the roof with the die cast hardware and the motor just free floats inside with the push pull handle going thru that bracket and the headliner. Greg
  2. Well, here we are during the good ol' days. Spent several years getting to this stage in High school. Look carefully outside the shop window and you can see one of my parts cars. Fast forward to today, lots of garage time and some revitalized paint and new shoes.
  3. usually there is a position that you would 'turn the key' and it would release the tabs. But if you don't have keys I'm am at a loss.
  4. hey when did we change from right hand drive to left hand drive?
  5. I am looking for rear motor mounts for my 1938 P-6. Upper and lowers. What else do you have for my 38?
  6. Seems like a library might like to have them also.
  7. I didn't have anything like that on my '38. But it does look like it would be by the carb.
  8. Thanks, have you sold the coupe?
  9. Well it appears after driving my car for all these years I have 2 wheels that are bent. Funny I have never had a problem before this. I bought a new set of wide whites had them mounted and balanced. the tire people say well you have 2 bad wheels. Well of course I just had them powder coated. But I have to agree with them, they are not perfect. So if any one has a couple of straight 16 inch wheels I guess I am in the market. Greg
  10. I have a 1938 Plymouth P-6. I have run the tungsten filament bulbs for 45 years. When I had to redo the wiring to the headlights I went to Halogen bulbs that come from down under. They are created with the Chrysler base I needed and are focused. I noticed a big difference the first time I drove it at night. I am now getting ready to upgrade the brake/taillight bulbs to halogen also. I am in Atlanta city and really worry about people not seeing me at night. I bought the bulbs from a British Car parts supplier in Michigan( I think). I think this is their website www.lbcarco.com. I have noticed that the last time I went to the site the bulbs were a little hard to find, but they still import them.
  11. OK guys here is the answer. Part number 584081 is the glove box door for use with clock. It was used on PT50 and PT57. Parts group 29 page 3. greg
  12. I just went to that latest listing for the clock and it shows for PT57. So maybe they were only used on the trucks.
  13. I have just seen the 4th reconditioned clock for sale on Ebay. It is another exact match to the '38 gages and speedometer. I am wondering if went on the left dummy glove box door in lieu of the lighter?
  14. TT on Ebay there is a company out of Oregon that shows 97 inch on ebay, but not black. they say they can do anything. I am going to contact them to see if I can get exactly what I want.
  15. TT, I am installing belts in my '38 Plymouth. I bought standard belts for the front seats and they are way too short. I am now looking at the 97 to 99 inch belts. A little longer works better than an inch too short. Greg
  16. Greg yes there is a backing plate and painted red/orange similar to the red on the horn button. just like your picture!
  17. If I could have a piece I'm sure we could match the color.
  18. Usually the problem is not the kids, it's the parents. My car is not pristine and I love when the kids have enough training to realize that they should ask first. The ones that just come up with their parents and start climbing on the running boards and opening doors are the ones that I am concerned about, because they have not been taught the value of items that are not theirs. The reason I show my car is so kids will have an understanding how the automobile has progressed to where we are today. If it wasn't for my love of cars before I was 10 I wouldn't be on this forum. I bought my car at 13 to rebuild and drive and have done so for over 50 years.
  19. I'm thinking this is an 1154 and should have an offset pin on the body of the lamp. Greg
  20. If the wire is bad(shorting out) but you need to use the special contact at the top you can purchase for less than 5.00 a piece of electrical shrink tubing that you can slide up the wire and over the lower contact when you have it in position just heat each end with a heat gun to hold it in place.
  21. Greg there are some on Ebay.
  22. atlbluz

    Body Back On

    Greg looking good. Jpage I just had my wheels powder coated and then mounted a set of 650-16's to them. I just took them to the best high performance shop in the area that is used to doing $1K wheels. they did a great job of mounting and balancing. All weights in the back out of view. Next after a few miles I will take them back to be trued. should be like riding on air when I am done.
  23. I am having some very small trim parts 3D printed for my dash. It is quite simple for those who know 3d modeling and have access to the printers. New materials are allowing many parts to be a usable part directly out of the printer including some very harsh environments.
  24. Keiser31, I always wondered why there were 2 bolts on that part of the head. Do those bolts go thru to the water jacket or are they 'dry' holes. I have always hated torqueing to head with those brackets. maybe I will change it some day.
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