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Mysterious black hole where parts vanish forever!


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  Seems like every car I have owned, plus others I have worked on, have some sort of negative energy field that eats small parts and tools. On the other hand, I was cleaning out my Expy prior to trading it in tomorrow, and found a torx bit under the seat. Don't know if I lost it or the P O did. Just one of the mysteries of life, like working under the hood, if anything drops it goes to the center of the car, and a broom handle must be used to retrieve it.    

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I'm also missing a #15 Torx bit. It is attached to a 3" magnetic bit holder extension. 

I used a small inspection mirror and 350 lumen flashlight  as well as a fiber optic camera to look for it in the consol area into which it fell. No dice.

Now I'm wondering who's car it fell into...


John F.

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Remove the bolster under the steering wheel. You will need to remove the

panel that contains the courtesy light under the bolster, and the dash fascia to get to the screws holding the bolster. There are also two 10mm bolts at the

bottom of the bolster. Not a bad job, but can take an hour to R&R. I guess you just have to decide how badly you need the bit. If you decide to tackle it, be careful as the tabs on the bolster can be very brittle.

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When I bought my 90 convertible it was missing horn buttons, passenger door carpet, and carpeted fuse cover... I proceeded to clean the car thoroughly and hired a guy to dye my carpets back to OEM Driftwood (they were bleached pink from sun). $75 later I have a perfect color matched interior and he managed to find all of my missing items! He also removed my tattered leather steering wheel cover and dyed the black rim to match the rest of the interior. No idea where or how but everything was back in its proper place when he was finished. 

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