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  1. There was or is a used car dealer just out of Berryville that had several Reattas in various conditions. Do not remember the route number but it is between Berryville and Winchester not far from Double Toll Gate.
  2. I must sell a couple of Reattas. I have four extremely nice Reattas and I must part with one or two to make space for a car that I sold and have an opportunity to buy back, with no place to put it. I am not filling out the form, but can tell you that each one of the four is a Gold Senior winner at the Buick Nationals. Most of you know that is a car that scores 390 or more points out of a possible 400. Below is a list of the cars and a price.. I believe that I have priced each car fairly reflecting the condition and mileage. The cars are located in Columbia, SC All
  3. I have a dealer showroom window ad that has never been used. It come with the original mailing tube. Pretty unusual, I have never seen one like it. $175 OBO If interested, I prefer you email me at eafarnell@gmail.com or call 803-360-6806
  4. Jim's ad says $65 each plus $7 shipping. Very reasonable price for a high quality part.
  5. For the record, I believe that there were 65 Select 60's produced. 91 style wheels painted white, pinstripe delete, cd and 16 way seats and 91 style console lid with cup holder. Car was shipped with a regular hood ornament and the dealer received a Select 60 hood ornament which was a shade smaller in diameter. Many dealers did not install the hood ornament. The car also came with a promotional folder with a letter to the dealership.
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