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  1. Not to "one up" you or anything but, try doing it after Open Heart Surgery. (Mitral valve repair and a coronary by-pass.) John F.
  2. Hello, A belated Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year! Ronnie, thanks for posting this photo. It's one of my favorites as well. John F.
  3. Dave, I too checked to see how much it would cost but I chose the # to buy to be 2. So 2@ $8.80=$17.60 Plus 11.00 for S&H= $28.60. Just shy of 30 bux. A lot to spend on the wrong part. I'm sure I can send them back but of course I'd have to pay $11.00 to return them. Plus, I believe Car id charges a 15% restocking fee that would only be about $2.64, So, for a grand total of $13.64 we can see it they are the correct ones. Why order two, you ask? Well... if on the off chance they send the ones we can use, I wouldn't have to pay another $11.00 for the shipping of another one
  4. Following the link provided I found what looks like what we need for the rear sway bars on our cars. Even though the page says it is for the Front Strut Rod Bushing -1990 Buick Reatta, I connected with Amanda through the Live Chat function on their site anyway. A transcript of that chat follows: Here is the transcript you requested: System[5:50 AM] Hello John! You are now being connected to CARiD LiveChat. Please wait while we connect you to a Product Specialist. System[5:50 AM] Thank you for waiting. You are now chatting with Amanda. Amanda Lisov 886[5:50 AM] H
  5. I'm glad you are tackling the core. I pulled one once but it was done while disassembling my '88 so I didn't have to be careful about getting it out so long as the core wasn't damaged. The engine was out and still, I remember thinking that I hope I never have to pull one from a working vehicle. I didn't want to say this earlier as I didn't want to discourage you in your attempt. Good luck and keep us apprised of your progress. Don't forget... we all like pictures. John F.
  6. Jon, Just thought you'd like to see the wheels on my Driftwood. John F.
  7. I've completed the emissions work and passed the test. (Whoo-Hoo!) Now I'm performing a complete AC system job. As I'm working around in the engine compartment I'm removing all the crumbly and brittle wire loom wrap from the wiring harness. It is strange in the way that it got to this condition. (See attached photos) It appears that every place that the sun would shine on the wrapping, is deteriorated and brittle. The underside of the wrap is pretty much still resilient as is the wrapping that is behind or under some other component in the engine compartment. There is evidence of drippi
  8. Looked to be the original. Although there was evidence of weld work done at the exit end of the Cat. John F.
  9. Test Results. I've tried three times to upload this and other files and keep getting messages that there's trouble uploading the files (photos or scans) I'm done for the evening. This is much more aggravating than it should be. Yeah!!!! it worked!!!
  10. Having trouble uploading photos. John F. Tah-Da! New Walker Universal Converter Installed (upside-down I think)
  11. My '90 (WTF) Driftwood was due for an emissions check. Last week, I ran it through with my fingers crossed. It was the first test since I bought it from that guy from Pittsburgh who no longer posts here. He purchased the car from someone in North Carolina where the car spent most of it's adult life. Not surprisingly, it failed. I spent two days covering all things related to excessive hydrocarbon emissions. Replaced all vacuum tubes and hoses. Found a partially missing gasket under the four port vacuum manifold atop the throttle body. Pulled all the plugs and regaped to .06
  12. Dave, I'd thought about arranging a meeting with you along your journey southward but it's not going to be doable. Hope You have a great and safe trip. John F.
  13. Dave, What day will you be passing through the "Chicagoland" area? John F.
  14. A day at the beach. Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.
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