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  1. Sorry if this is a repost but this little emerald green unicorn popped up today.
  2. First of all this is NOT my car... It IS however currently located in my garage in Las Vegas, NV. I can vouch for the way it drives and handles (better than mine) and I obviously know the owner to be an honest and trustworthy guy. Its a no reserve auction. High Bidder Wins. I will answer any questions I can, but really they should go directly to him.
  3. I added many of the previous photos to that posting as well.. I didn't see it until after I had posted these here.
  4. On a 100+deg day driving on city streets with the AC running I have seen it reach two bars above center.. I know the 3.8 runs warmer than some engines. Just wondered, as the cars age, if anyone has a different experience. I plan to flush the coolant (it's green but aged) and brake fluid in the next few weeks.
  5. How many bars does your 90-91 show in traffic on a warm day?
  6. Just a sunny cruise along Route 66 in the desert
  7. Tons of sun, rain, hail, lightening, and more sun
  8. The VIN is 1G4EC33CXLB905788 .. My understanding (and I may be wrong) is that the car comes from a collection of Reattas and that the owner is deceased. The ebay seller is in Paonia, CO. and has two convertibles, a running driving coupe, and a parts car. Supposedly the ebayer is selling the cars for the family (I have very limited info since im not the buyer) As far as the mods.. I dont mind the badge, trunk key, antenna deletes... the likely cup holder in place of an ash tray, to me, is a benefit. The badge on the passenger door is wonky (is that the hood badge?) Seller also claims other modifications were done, possibly mechanically. The missing center brake light makes for a cleaner tonneau cover but I prefer safety over vanity when it comes to brake lights. Why go to all this trouble and body work but didnt paint the black moldings? They look OK on a white/white top car but white/tan top makes them look busy and chops up the car visually
  9. A very good Canadian friend just bought it in Colorado and is driving it back here to Vegas tomorrow.. upon closer inspection of the pics i think this owner was a Reatta fanatic. badges shaved, center brake light filled and removed, some conversion stuff done. anyone know of it?
  10. My "shoe string" budget comment was not an attempt to get cheap sensors out of someone, it was merely to give perspective.. many people working on their beloved classics forget that there are those of us out here that do this for the love of the car and cant run to the dealer or a retailer for a solution (the dealer is a favorite suggestion on the caddy forum) Might as well suggest I call up David Dunbar Buick (he founded Buick) and ask for his help. I understand these are aging cars and parts are drying up. Fortunately we have a strong forum with a wealth of knowledge full of generally helpful people. I am always willing to pull a part at a local yard for anyone who needs it. Team work. Daves89 ; I am definitely interested in having you rebuild mine, assuming I can get them out without destroying them.
  11. My red BRAKE light comes on and goes off as intended. I found a 90 Seville at my local yard but the sensors werent budging. I understand the car is perfectly safe to drive sans ABS. My only issue is that the lights are beginning to collect.. first the Door Ajar now the ABS. My OCD goes into overdrive with idiot lights, especially those that can not be resolved. I have bigger fish to fry. The front top latches rattle on every bump (with the windows down), the struts are definitely showing signs of age, and never having owned it during a Las Vegas summer I am concerned about cooling.. today the temp gauge went two bars above midway. My coolant is fairly new and clean but how efficient is a 26yo water pump and electric fans?
  12. Sooooo... I got the yellow ABS light. pulled codes, 32 and 48. Jacked up the front of my lovely red convertible to find my ABS sensor lead coatings turn to a fine black powder at the slightest touch. Hoping for a miracle I swapped the relays to no avail. Of course I, like many of us, am on a shoestring budget and I am planning to use my rare Buick Unicorn in the Route 66 Fun Run in about 2 weeks. Does ANY one have a rebuilt/repaired/usable pair they'd be willing to part with so that I can represent among the other classic American Chrome Icons surely to sneer at my punchy little roadster?
  13. if you're referring to this one I don't think that's the issue