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Marty Roth

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While on tour in Illinois and New Glarus, Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago, during lunch I played a Swiss Alphorn as if it were a jazz trumpet. Prior to lunch we visited an antiques shop and found a beer stein which was part of a Budweiser collection. Some of you likely are aware of this piece, but I hadn't noticed it before, and Dale said I had to have it, (along with a motorcycle jacket which will zip if I stop eating until August). 


The 1948 Buick Roadmaster convertible on the mug is made in a "Relief", so it actually stands out from the surface, and you can feel the shape of the hood, fenders, windshield, spotlight, grille, body lines, bumper, etc.


While certainly not an "antique", mt wife just could not leave it on the shelf, and handed it to me so I could negotiate a price (together with the really good stuff she wanted - two Lladro porcelain statues, etc.).








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Guest 505turbeaux

nice mug! I didn't buy this when I saw it, when I went back it was gone. Would have been $10 well spent


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nice mug! I didn't buy this when I saw it, when I went back it was gone. Would have been $10 well spent

Yes, I know the feeling.


I almost didn't buy this one because of the asking price, and because there was absolutely no room in the '88 Corvette convertible we drove from home to Wisconsin and Illinois for this week-long tour. Along with the (expensive) three porcelain pieces my wife bought, I figured that another tour attendee could get them home and meet me later, maybe at Hershey. Fortunately, when we packed for the trip home we were able to protect the delicate pieces within soft clothing items, but my wife's side of the 'Vette was very cramped and did not give her the comfort she deserves for all the traveling we do in support of the hobby.

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