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  1. Oh wow, that is awesome! I love the art deco/Miami feel of the hotel in the background too. Very cool!
  2. Thanks Willie and John. Now I have a picture in my head of what I'm looking for and better understanding of how it works. Lamar, you know I can put some spit on my hand and finish those trenches up for you. maybe a little trade for a horn button and maybe that Tee fitting for the vacuum line? I'm busy today, but I can swing over tomorrow. I'll call you this evening. Thanks fellers!
  3. Does anybody know where I might be able to find the horn switch and plate that mounts to the steering column. Does anybody make an aftermarket part that might could be retrofitted? I replaced the horn ring wire that goes on the inside and solders to the brass/copper? ring, but I'm missing the plate and switch that mounts on top of the opening on the column for the wire from the wiring harness to plug onto. On a side note, I've read many threads here and gone over the description in the manual, but my head just can't grasp how the horn actually works.
  4. Sorry for the delayed response, Lamar. Our AC went out earlier this week and we've been scrambling around making sure the dogs and cats are okay. I'll trade you that Tee fitting for a Fat Tire, those nailhead valves and some hanging out time. I work at home now so I'm pretty flexible.
  5. Converted front to disc brakes and I have a dual master cylinder with a brake booster on my '53 Super. I was wondering where I should/able to pull a vacuum line for the booster. Any suggestions/ideas?
  6. Ha, I love the "WhataBuick/WhataBurger" emblem on the deck lid. That's awesome! Lovely car, my only real nit-picky complaint is the lack of a rear bench seat for, you know, nocturnal activities.
  7. Quick (dumb) question. I have a brand new Waldron's Exhaust on my '53 that I installed early last year. Everything is lined up and it fits perfectly, but I'm wondering if I'm supposed to have the pipes to welded and to the muffler or is it okay that they are snuggly fit with the "cold" connection. p.s. I'm NOT referring to welding the pipe to the exhausts manifolds
  8. I think this forum exists for one sole purpose that I have yet to see. I'm waiting on a post on how to modify the '53 Super/Roadmaster hood hinges/alignment with a completely new design so that it actually works
  9. Thanks for the reply Willie. I'm not even sure when or how the old washer popped off. I'm wondering if it came off when i was hammering the old shock link shaft out and maybe it rolled down into the chassis? Who knows. Looks like I need to find someone with a welder.
  10. This washer needs to attach on the inside of the frame
  11. okay, I managed to cut out the washer from the parts car. Do I have any other options for attachment on my main car other than welding? I don't have a welder and it's looks like (and as stated by Al) it would be extremely tricky to do. Loctite 2 part epoxy weld?
  12. The update looks great. I haven't had a chance to surf around too much, but love the new clean look. Thanks for your hard work, Peter!
  13. Thanks Airy Cat, yes the lower ones are left-hand threaded on the '53 as well. Great idea, 53 Roady!
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