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Philly weather

Bob Giles

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I spent 4 days and nights up there last year. It was bright (not sunny) warm, and I was well fed the whole time. I enjoyed the company of many friends, who like me, were in their shirt sleeves for the most part. I have shared this experience with 3 couples from my local region, and convinced them to go up this year with me too.

Oh, please don't tell them that I NEVER left the hotel? OK?:cool:

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Ok guys, I was messing with you. I was thinking an hour ago that I need to bring my video camera this year, and tape the inside of the hotel as you step from the outside. The first thing you will notice of course is all of the region/chapter banners hanging from the first and second open floors. (Ball Room/Messanine SIC) Looking to the left you will notice the open-air type bar, and of course the large escalators going two floors up. You will get real familiar with them during the weekend. You will have a chance to register upstairs and pick your seating arrangements for the Awards Dinner on Saturday night too.

I will stop now and let others add to this. Stay tuned for more...... at the AACA Annual Meeting!


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Current forecast is for highs in the 20's and lows in the teens with no precipitation Fri or Sat. Since I live 80 miles west of Philly I can attest that the forecast may change quickly and it is very difficult to predict a week in advance. Dress warmly if you plan to go outdoors. See you in Philly.

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