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  1. Attendance at the banquet is not required and many show participants come into the banquet hall around 8:00 pm and sit or stand around the perimeter of the room. The awards are announced by class and move quickly, so listen attentively. Sometimes the class order is changed and may start in the middle of the classes, such as the year I got my First Junior and Class 25A was the first class announced. I haven't attended in many years since my car is in Repeat Preservation, but I would suggest you attend. Best of luck entering your Mustang for judging and I hope you do well and enjoy the experience.
  2. I have found, as a judge, that if there is a major deduction when judging a car, the Team Captain will speak with the owner and tell them where the major deduction occurred. He will not discuss the number of points deducted but will be courteous with the owner in advising the area of the deduction. If the owner has factory documentation of the area in question he may show it to and discuss it with the Team Captain. Such documentation is necessary to prove what may be correct and I have witnessed changes in scoring as a result of such documentation. In addition to sales literature I find that a dated factory service manual, with service bulletins, is excellent proof of how the vehicle was constructed. It sounds like you are well on your way to showing your '32 Olds at Hershey. As a frequent exhibitor as well as a judge I will close by saying, remain calm and relax while your car is being judged. The judges are there to make sure each car judged receives the award it has earned, not to take away awards.
  3. Kevin was on the most recent episode of Jay Leno's Garage with his old Ford Bronco, which Jay kept joking about, even saying he bought his wife one. Then he and Keven took an off road drive in some wild low powered 4 wheel drive vehicle with huge softly inflated tires, that could traverse almost any terrain. Jay had Kevin yelling for help, or at least acting somewhat scared.
  4. Classic Auto Mall has been an exhibitor in the vendor area at the AACA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia the past two years. Since I'm only 35 miles from Morgantown I have visited their facility a few times, most recently for a swap meet. They have an interesting variety of vehicles on display and/or for sale and there is probably something for anyone who has an interest in old cars. Last week members of my AACA Region, the Susquehanna Valley Vintage Sports Car Club, attended the Wednesday cruise in (I couldn't make it.) and from what I've heard they had a great time perusing the hundreds of vehicles there. I would recommend that anyone interested in old cars, who is driving on the PA Turnpike by Morgantown, takes an hour or so to visit this unique "Mall". It is right off the Turnpike and there is no charge to see what's inside. By the way, the facility was originally the Manufacturer's Outlet Mall and was concieved and built by Kermit Wilson, the founder of Holiday Inn. It never reached the popularity of the outlet malls in nearby Reading, PA and after some years became a facilty for various furniture sellers. That also did not work out very well and closed. It was empty for many years until the Classic Auto Mall opened a few years ago.
  5. I too experienced a lack of hot water Saturday morning and a room that was difficult to get as warm as I would have enjoyed. Since Sheraton has been bought by Marriott, I would expect all issues to be resolved by the 2020 Annual Meeting (Convention), especially anything regarding food. Since he is an avid car collector, I assume Bill Marriott is an AACA member and thus we should have a direct line to resolve any issues should they occur.
  6. This reminds me of when the Imperial Palace Collection in Las Vegas had one room dedicated to Duesenbergs, with about 20 cars in there at any given time. The room also had a bar, so it was a wonderful place to sip a cold beverage and gaze at the beautiful cars that filled the room. I believe that was around 1990 or 91.
  7. Eric Wahlberg

    Datsun 240Z

    I believe the 2019 Auburn meet is just a Grand National, unlesss I have missed something and it will be both an AGN and National Meet.
  8. Eric Wahlberg


    I would love to see the SHO in HPOF. They are wonderful and unique Taurus's that many people should have the opportunity to see.
  9. I used to pass by Fritz's frequently when I lived in Pottstown and traveled to Reading and points west. I stopped there a few times to look around and found Fritz to be a a bit grumpy but a real car guy. Does anyone else remember the knight's armor that stood by the door? One of the Mascaro brothers lives near Collegeville and had a few Ferrari's and a Porsche Carrera GT. He said he loved the Porsche because he could drive it, park it in his garage and the next time he wished to drive it it would always start, unlike the Ferrari's.
  10. When polishing knobs I get a screw or bolt that's the same size the knob attaches to and cut the head off the fastener. Screw it into the knob and then chuck it into a drill or drill press. It's best if your drill is variable speed to prevent overheating the knob as it is being sanded, compounded, polished, etc. Just be certain the drill is turning clockwise, so the knob doesn't become unthreaded while you are working on it.
  11. Thanks for sharing your photos, Philip. I was judging Saturday and felt sorry for those who chose to show their cars under such conditions, but applaude them at the same time! There was a lot of beautiful machinery on the show field.
  12. Yes, there is another Swap Meet in Hershey each year. The Central PA Region - Porsche Club of America has a one day swap meet in the lot next to the Giant Center. It is Porschecentric and attract over 1,000 Porsche cars each year. There is the Swap Meet, Car Corral and a People's Choice Concours. Admission is free, but there is a charge for parking, which those who attend the AACA Fall Meet know about. Further information may be found at
  13. Looking forward to another trip to Charlotte. My wife and I always make a mini-vacation out of Charlotte since there are some very good museums to visit, NASCAR race shops, the Autofair, and judging the SE National Meet on Saturday.
  14. Called Kidde on January 3 and was told they would ship 2 new units in 15 to 20 days. I was surprised they arrived today, only a week after calling them.
  15. I recommend checking out hotel/motel accommodations in the Lancaster, Mt. Joy and Elizabethtown areas. They are only 20 - 30 minutes from Hershey and much less expensive.