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  1. The annual Central PA Region - Porsche Club of America Swap Meet will be held May 1, 2021 at a new venue, Carlisle Fair Grounds. Porsche parts, people, paraphenalia, and Porsche cars. More Porsches in one place at one time than anywhere else on the planet! More information at www.cpa-pca.org.
  2. Beautiful day in the Susquehanna Valley of PA today, so I had to take the Speedster for a drive and work out some of the cobwebs. I haven't put fuel in it since the Special Nationals in Gettysburg back in November.
  3. Thanks, Steve. I saw the mailing label mentioned Periodicals Postage Paid At Hershey PA And Additional Entry Offices. I should have known better to assume the mailings are done from Hershey and the club utilizes a mailing service to send Antique Automobile. Either way, it has to pass through the Harrisburg postal facility to eventually get to Lancaster, so I can assume it will be held up in transit.
  4. As I recall they were available with an optional diesel, which was no better than the other diesels GM built in that era.
  5. Mine arrived Monday and I live 30 miles from Hershey!
  6. My response to someone who asks if I bought my '58 Speedster new is often, "I really liked them when I was 11, but didn't have the money." As for the "What's it worth." question I'll sometimes say, "The current market is silly, but since it's not for sale I really have no idea." or I tell them "It is more than what we paid for our first two houses, combined." I never mention that those two houses were bought over 40 years ago.
  7. The shop in which I did a lot of restoration work was known for turning out cars that were as close to perfect as possible, yet the owner claimed that we produced excellent drivers, not show cars. That was because so many of the customers stated they wanted a car to drive.....to shows!
  8. Never thought my wife and I would own an SUV and really never imagined owning a Korean built car, but three years ago we replaced my wife's VW Golf TDI with a Hyundai Tucsan, have driven 21,000 miles and only had to do oil and filter changes. The TDI was great too, but we couldn't pass up the generous buy back dieselgate deal VW paid her for the car.
  9. Kudos to Steve, the AACA staff and Directors for pulling another rabbit out of the hat on a short notice! Now I can collect the Allentown AGN plaque I never picked up in Gettysburg along with the Hershey plaque.
  10. I bought a car on BaT and could not be more pleased. Like any auction, you may not know when the reserve is met. However, as in some auctions the auctioneer or in this case the seller can post that "The car will sell." when the reserve has been met. BaT also lists comments from auction viewers and sellers alike and you can also go back and see what they have said about other cars being sold, bids made, and in the case of sellers, cars auctioned and sold. It is also a good place to sometimes learn more about the seller. It is much more pleasant as a buyer and less pressure than a traditional auction where I have also bought.
  11. I'm assuming there will be a sufficient supply of AGN plaques at Hershey for those of us who didn't get one in Gettysburg.
  12. Bill, I believe you should contact Chuck Crane, VP of Judging, immediately. I'm sure he's very busy getting ready for this weekend, but it will be his decision how to handle your lost badges. Chuck's email address is in Antique Automobile. I hope to see you in Gettysburg.
  13. I'm sure happy the infant seat has a submarine belt for added safety.
  14. This is the best news I've had in months regarding AACA Nationals and it appears I'll finally get to judge two Nationals this year after all of the cancellations. Will there be CJE's offered at the Hershey event? I took my Judge's School in Philly, but it looks like Hershey will be the only opportunity for the annual CJE requirement. Also, I just made a reservation for Friday August 21, at the Fairfield Inn & Suites on 2140 Motel Dr., Allentown. It was pricey, but on the AACA Hotel Reservation list it was marked as Sold Out, the only hotel so marked. I have an email confirmation from Marriott, so I feel safe that this is a legit reservation, plus I'm a Marriott Rewards member, but that usually is meaningless if a hotel is fully booked. Thanks you Steve and the Board for putting these Nationals together. I'm sure you have had many sleepless nights working to get through these difficult months and the events they have brought. Let us hope Covid-19 is contained by August 21 - 22, and October 9 - 10, and our governor allows these shows to go on as planned.
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