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Cool history from my 55 wagon


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I was tired of pens falling out of the front of my glovebox while driving down the road.

I ordered a bunch of parts for my convertible project and decided to buy an additional glovebox for the wagon.

Side note: wanna confuse CARS? Order two gloveboxes at the same time ;)

When I pulled the original box out, this is what I found:


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When I began the restoration of my '38 Buick 46-S, I took the upholstery out of the back seat. What I found chalked on the board between the upholstery and the trunk was an illustration that I would not be allowed to post on this forum !!

Anyone else find anything like this? By the way, the car had never been touched so this was "stock" Buick


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Wow that is awesome. Does anybody know why the assembly line did that on (the back of) the glovebox? I too am curious what 3240 means and thanks for the decoding the rest.

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I assume the top says OK

Then it is

A- Dynaflow

B-Heater and defroster

E-Radio (Selectronic and manual antenna)

F-Safety Group

M-Accessory group

69- Century Wagon

3240 not sure, doesn't match car ID

Dam Mike, I thought it said ABEFM 69 and referred to two young lovers with nothing better to do.

If your right I imagine the 3240 referrs to the number of cars produced ahead of this one.

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