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Can anyone please assist with this circa WWI car?

Guest mnmbiz

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Hi - Having trouble finding out what this is. The car belonged to the grandfather of one of my long-time friends who is not much of a car guy so asked me to see what it might be.

Any thoughts?!?!



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The sole surviving 1911 H Touringpost-51799-143141776964_thumb.jpg

The was not a production torpedo body style in 1910, but there was an unusual custom built for H.H. Franklin in late '10 or '11


A production torpedo was offered in 1911, finished to emulate the HH Franklin Special post-51799-143141776969_thumb.jpgThere is one survivor known of the 1911 Torpedo

There are a number of Renault Hood large sixes from 1911 & 1912 running around today. The Six-cylinder barrel hoods are fewer. Here's a 1910 Close Coupled touringpost-51799-143141776971_thumb.jpg

post-51799-143141776974_thumb.jpg The power-to-weight ratio in these cars results in startling performance compared to other similarly sized & priced cars of the era.

The smaller Franklins are plentiful by comparison and offer similar performance compared to other small cars. They are extremely rewarding to restore, drive and tour. Don't turn down a chance to get a ride in one!

Tom Rasmussen

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