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Can you ID this HCCA car photo?

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Olds Limited looks right. I would say 1912. Car photo was taken in 14 or 15 in front of the owners home in Birmingham NY. Chauffeur is a man named Santos (Last) and he was head of maintenance of the mill that the car owner had. The lady in the front seat was the owners wife, who died a few days later after this photo was taken. The photo was a family "prized possession" as it was the last photo taken of her. The Chauffeurs' grandson is a car mechanic in my home town today, and the photo has been hanging on the wall of his shop for 25 years. Ed

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Hi Ed,,,Did any of grandads books get saved,,If so ,,encourage the "boy" to take good care of them,,

His grandad also no doubt had influence in choosing that car and the ones before it,,

Any info what went before????,,Mill owners have a reputation of having exciting cars,,

like Win Libbey of Lewiston Maine,,[local joke,cb]


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