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  1. Very cool. It is an accessory steering wheel. It is not an original Lozier steering wheel.
  2. I agree the car on the left is a 1908 Lozier touring. The shape of the radiator is the giveaway. I have been interested in Loziers for more than 50 years. I have a lot of literature on all years of Lozier. I own a 1913 Lozier Model 77 Montclair touring. I also own many early Lozier parts and am always looking for anything Lozier. Is the car on the right an Interstate?
  3. Lozierman


    Looking to buy any available Lozier parts. What do you have? Mike Turner Seattle WA 206-246-2895
  4. "Cactus Jack" Turner lived in Seattle WA. I met him about 1970 because he purchased this Mitchell from Charlie Lemaitre and I had bought a Large round gas tank from Charlie and he had shipped me the gas tank in the back seat area of this Mitchell to get it to me. Charlie was a collector of many fine early brass era automobiles he found in the NE area of the states. I actually had made a trip to deliver him some Pierce Arrow parts on one of my cross-country trips during my quest to locate and purchase Lozier parts. The gas tank was the exact kind used on a Lozier race car. I had found a Lozier Briarcliff body here in Seattle in 1967 and for years advertised in the various collector car magazines to find any Lozier parts I could. I briefly knew Jack Turner, and even though we shared the same last name, we were not related. I do remember him being a very nice gentleman and was very helpful in allowing my Lozier gas tank to share the ride west in his Mitchell. His Mitchell was a complete car when he received it and he did a great job in restoring it. I have since obtained a complete 1913 Lozier touring, the only Model 77 left. I maintain a roster of known Loziers, about 40 and am both interested in any Lozier parts that are still out there as well as any information on any Loziers that might be missing from my Lozier roster. Any leads? Thanks for letting me add to this topic.
  5. There is another one like this listed on Ebay, but a whole lot less. It is only $1990. and they want $44.00 for shipping. Note it includes a snake on the "helmet" too.
  6. I've posted a picture of my 1938 Cadillac V-16 before, but it has been many years ago. Anyway, here is a picture of it again. It is a great car that has just 52000 miles and was originally owned by Darryl Zannuck. It was used to pick up and take many movie stars to the opening of their movies in Hollywood. One can only wonder who sat in the back seat during those times.. Later it was also used in some movies. It is a joy to drive and has a lot of power.
  7. I think it is a Chalmers. Around 1910. The body style is a "Toy Tonneau".
  8. After Lozier began building cars in Detroit, the BOD pushed Lozier off the BOD and out of the company. Shortly after that seven of the Lozier senior officials left Lozier and formed the Chandler automobile company. Originally they wanted to call it the "Emise", after the marketing manager, Charles Emise but he wasn't in favor of that so they named the company after Frederic Chandler. In fact the first literature for Chandlers list the seven individuals by name and state for each their position with the Lozier company, e.g. …"formerly with the Lozier automobile company". The first Chandlers were almost duplicates of the 1913 Model 77 Lozier. If this had happened today, they probably would have been brought up on charges of "manufacturing espionage". Lots of things were in fact different, but the resemblance is definitely there.
  9. I bought the mostly complete 1914 Model 15B from the Harold Wintz estate in Iowa. Already went there and brought it back home to Seattle WA. It is only missing the correct tail light, which was also used on other cars of that period. I also have another 1914 Chandler Model 15 that is mostly complete but needs all new wood. The chassis are almost identical, but the bodies are different. Chandlers are a direct descendant of the 1913 Lozier Model 77 touring which I also have. Now I just have to get busy, and put my priorities in order. A T- head speedster will just have to wait. I will keep my eyes open should parts show up though.
  10. Nothing has come up for sale. Just bought another 1914 Chandler so my "project" for a T head speedster will be put on hold for a while. Thanks for your interest. I enjoy reading your posts on your Locomobile.
  11. Regarding the two 1914 Chandlers, both were sold. The 1914 restored Model 15 was sold to a collector in CA. the 1914 Model 15B was sold to a collector in WA state. Both new owners belong to the Chandler club and will cherish their new Chandler automobiles.
  12. I think it might actually be for a R C Hupp. Just my guess. RCH was what they used.
  13. I have a 1913 Lozier and have been interested in Loziers for more than 50 years. I have other old cars too, but Lozier hold my prime interest.
  14. Either would be okay. What is available? Thanks for the response.