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As far as I know there is no book or guide as to value. They all have a special uniqueness and the values come into play when the vehicle changes hands. Auction results, clubs associated with the various makes, AACA archives, and HCCA past sales are worth researching. It all depends on timing and what someone is willing to pay. Ask here about a specific car and you will probably get a good feel for what it is worth. A description with pictures is the best approach. Good luck!

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My opinion on the Oakland would be in the $25K to $35K range, depending on how well it runs, if all the original goodies are there, if it has top, windshield, speedometer, horn, good tires, paint and interior quality, and so forth. I'm aware, as I'm sure some others on this site are also, that one early Oakland sold a few years back for more than the numbers I've stated, but it was a freshened restoration with all the bells and whistles........

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As David has already stated, a fresh, high-quality restoration of a totally solid and attractive car, especially that of a proven great runner -- that will certainly impact the value of any car.

Oakland was a relatively expensive, and now a rare make, and was the parent company of Pontiac. Oakland started producing the Pontiac as a lower-priced "Companion" car, much as Cadillac made LaSalle, Nash made Lafayette, Hudson made Essex, Marmon, Oldsmobile, and so many others had their lower-priced companion cars.

The bottom line is that a car ultimately is worth what a buyer is willing to pay with regard to what the seller is willing to accept.

There are very good clubs for anyone interested in Oakland:

Oakland Owners Club International is dedicated ONLY to Oakland, and their General Email is ooci@oaklandowners.com , (website is being upgraded)

Oakland-Pontiac Worldwide Region of AACA www.oaklandpontiacworldwide.com covers both makes from 1908 - 1958

POCI - Pontiac Oakland Club International www.pontiacoaklandclub.wordpress.com

If you are interested in Oakland, you should consider being involved in a club which is dedicated to that make, as well as the AACA. You will be amazed at the wealth of information available with these groups, and the owners will typically be very helpful in making you aware of what to look for in such cars, and also of cars available among members.

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