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What a great dealership image! Any idea where this dealer was located?

EDIT note: I see that the dealership was in San Diego, California, and I could find only one other (poor quality) image that I was unable to link here. I would certainly love to see more photos of this dealership.

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I attended that National.

You car is awesome. I gave it the "once over" more than once. In fact the entire weekend.


That's me behind the 1956 Roadmaster. The Roadmaster was just up from yours at the meet.

Lamar looks good next to The Landau, or is it The Landau looks good next to Lamar???!!!!:)


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Guest Straight eight

I wish I could make this larger. Dad is just getting home in the new Buick, the back seat loaded with gifts, and through the windows a Christmas tree is glowing, and in the dining room the guests are standing around a loaded table with Christmas delights. Dad must be a little late as close examination of the rear tires shows they are spinning just a little trying for traction in the fresh snow.


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