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That car hauler with a load of 54's was right up my alley. I was 16, and my job after school was to drive the cars across the street to the Texaco station and put 10 gallons in each tank, $2.50, TOTAL.

The hauler would double park out in front, and unload.

I went with Dad to Chicago to to pick up the first 54, it was a Roadmaster, and I was NOT a fan of the built in sun visor. I thought it was to be a bug catcher, plus not good for wind flow. IMO.

I got married in a 54 Century that I had lowered, and one of George Barris's painters painted scallops on it. Loved that car....electric door handles too. I know, some of you THINK I SCREWED IT UP....LOL

Dale in Indy

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