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happy new year

Guest 4 bufords

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I am looking forward to raising a glass to my friends this evening. To all of you on this forum, thank you for the knowledge you continue to impart on me and the entertainment I get here.

Here is to health, happiness, prosperity, and perhaps some good luck in 2011.

Cheers, my Friends!

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I went for the sanctuary of the garage (where the decibel rating was lower).

Reading material was;

* Buick Stories w/ fascinating article about Chuck Jordan

* Gopher State Porthole Newsletter

A gentlemans fare was served.

* Sardines in Mustard Sauce

* Vienna Sausage

* Lil Weeinies w Cookies Barbeque Sauce

* PIKNIK Brand shoestring potatoes

* Diet Coke, Miller Light and "The Beast" (Milwaukee's Best Light)

Background music was the "60's on 6" SIRIUS/XM

and of course the police scanner.

Fun to watch the game in Seattle Sunday night with fireworks going off the Space Needle



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Like the anvil.

I have an old friend that collected them. The heaviest was about 500 LBS, the lightest was about 1 LBS. He use to stack them by his blacksmith display.

I always put him in the catagory of another friend that collected safes....

32 ounces to the pound, and they cannot move on their own.... :P Dandy Dave!

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