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  1. Lamar I said I was OLD , and this proves it !!! SORRY about the Post. (Not the original one ) Joe T
  2. Itis quite evident that i hit a sore spot , as my info was removed !!!!!!
  3. I have lived in the Flint Mich area all my life , and have seen Buicks come off the assembly line for many years, ( and I am OLD ) In all this time, I have NEVER seen a perfect car built by Buick. None have perfect paint or door fits, and there is always something wrong with the interiors. In todays world, the BCA has decided that any Buick driven to the national meets are "second class" and should not be seen with the "Trailer Queens", I was once quite active in the BCA, and helped start the "Buicktown " chapter ,and also helped start the BDE (I was BDE 001,and the first director o
  4. I drove my 40 Super convert yo the A&W cruise and that is the extent of the use for it !! I go to cruises ,because I can arrive when I want , talk to who I want , and leave when I want.
  5. My wife drove our 37 ,and I drove the 40 convert to a how at my son's church Sunday for a show . . The wife drives the 37 because it has power steering and brakes, and an automatic trans
  6. I drove the 40 convert to a cruise Saturday and put about 45 miles on it !
  7. My wife and I took the 40 convertible to our BuickTown chapter meeting in Davison Saturday. We went up the expressway and home by back roads. Total about 20 miles
  8. My 1940 Super has 2 keys. One opens the everything but the glove box , and the other does the doors-trunk and ignition
  9. I just read through this ,and found out that i should register also. I have been around forever, (BCA number 1308) and am really glad to see so many new members in the organization. My name is Joe and I live just west of Flint ( home town of Buick.) . My first Buick was a 1931 thatt I bought in 1947. Since then I have had a LOT of Buicks, and still have a few. ( check my signature ) This club has many members that are either capable of answering your questions , or point you in a direction to get the answer. Welcome to AL:L you new mwmbers.
  10. The rear ends in the Buicks will interchange through 55. I have a 3.42 in my 40 and LOVE it If the drive shaft ane torque tube are different lengthes, install yours on the cast iron pig , and bolt it in. This way you do not have to worry about gear lash, unless the unit you are installing is not too good.
  11. Rick Ihope all these items are washed down with copious quantities of an amber fluid !!!
  12. I am one of the infamous " Liars Club " members, and it is a very eclectic group. We have ex-cops , business owners, guys that pick up bodies for the morgue, bus drivers, retirees , and others that I have no idea what they do. I am sure you would fit in somewhere !!
  13. I guess I am the only guy out here that remembers goinng to a drive -in movie and chasing a ball on the screen during intermission . I had a couple of cars in my teens with dual spots, and my 40 convert has them now. I don't use them much, but I think they look COOL !
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