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  1. My car had an engine change , so I am guessing the number is invalid now
  2. I have owned my 40 Super cinvertible for 45 years , and now my son is going to take it ,and we can't find the VIN number. Does anyone know where to look ????? Thank you Joe Taubitz pS my E-mail is buickjoet@ahc123.net
  3. I am driving the Buick "Bug" in these pictures. Also the black 32 Model 97 was mine, Joe Taubitz
  4. Thanks guys I would pick Roberta also ,as I do NOT do Car things anymore , and she does
  5. John There has been a BCA National meet from 1971 to present ,except for 1974 . I used to have the dates , but threw them away with most of the rest of the BCA info
  6. I am reading all this , and asking myself the question, What ever happened to the BCA ????? The ORIGINAL concept was to get together ,and enjoy the cars!!! Now it appears that judging is the most important thing. WHY ???? It used to be that Buicks were made to be driven, but it seems that now they arrive in boxes ,and are judged on things they never had originally ,namely perfect pain and body lines. I went to EVERY national from 1971 to 2009 , and then threw in the towel , as the BCA evolved into BIG BUsiness and they wonder why the average person quit Parking was NOT a problem in Flint ,where we did NOT judge the last meets, and the early meets did not use the 400 point system.
  7. 3 sets of plugs and points i have a 39 century carb on it that has been worked on considerably it has had 2 stock exhaust systems and is now running dual exhausts using the manifolds from a 41 .( I dont like the dual carbs , and the big carb seems to run as well. I am still running the original valves.
  8. I installed a 53 engine in my 40 Super ,and have since driven it over 120,000 miles , and it still runs GREAT !!
  9. Bill I tried to talk to the BCA board for years, and got NOWHERE !!!!! I quit when they got so involved with "prefect " cars (there is NO SUCH thing) I wish you luck in salvaging the BCA although to me it is not worth saving I started the BDE ,and was instrumental in starting the Buicktown chapter ,back when people drove their Buicks and enjoyed them. I joined the BCA in 1969 and my number was 1308, and I quit in 2009
  10. Mike & Nancy do a GREAT job of watching out for the BCA people
  11. The Old Guy


    Happy New Year to all the Buick "people"
  12. MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE ( Especially Buick owners)
  13. There is another way to fix the problem also !!! Don't worry about them , and drive the wheels off them
  14. Lamar I said I was OLD , and this proves it !!! SORRY about the Post. (Not the original one ) Joe T
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