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  1. hwellens says it's an REO. I agree, obviously a high quality automobile
  2. That's wonderful. 1940 that car was 38 years old. Today, a 1979 car is thirty-eight years old... If I had a 1979 car, I wouldn't think of it as an old car....
  3. Dad and Roadmaster 1976 Columbus Georgia Dad and Mom and my four brothers and two sisters and me (short pants) 1967 Phenix City Alabama 1966 Chrysler Town & Country wagon.
  4. with a Ford engine, that's at least THREE different trucks. Whether it was 50 or 500 , two of those three trucks are NOT one of the 50 or 500. $400 is about right . If it is drivable.
  5. The outside is very nice. the interior is GREAT!! that's a nice truck!
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