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American Pickers

Guest AlK

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Watched a segment of American Pickers last night and to my surprise they were picking thru the old mans junk yard that is in LaGrange, Georgia on State Hwy 27. The yard was featured in Cars and Parts many years ago. That old man passed away 10 years ago and the son(now in his 70's) is running things. He is not much better than the father. He will not part with anything unless he gets a king's ransom. Get this, He won't sell any of the rotting hulks for $750 or so but he will take crush price to have then crushed and hauled away. He has some highly desirable cars 55/56 Buick Convertibles, I have seen some 56/57 Dodges etc. Go figure............

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Guest Tedbarnett

From what I hear, these picker guys have been getting a bad rep. I'm one of Sally and the late, great Ron's sons and was there for the day of filming. They were both really nice and instinctually knew that there wasn't much we were willing to part with. My brother, Sam, responded to an email looking for imtresting locations. We sold them an oil sign for $100. None of us even remember the sign. Dad never hung it on a wall and from the looks of the holes on the sides, we were fairly certain it was previously used as a replacement floor board. None the less, they wanted it. There was no way we were gonna part with Dad's bikes though. Maybe one day, down the road, a few select bikes might go to the right collector(s), but not to someone wishing to make a profit. Dad wouldn't have agreed with that. He had so many bikes due to his obsession with man's obsession to turn a bicycle into a motorized vehicle. I just wanted to say a word or two about the show and Dad.

Ted Barnett

1973 Dodge Swinger

1948 Corgi

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For only being a few moments of a day's filming, it turned out well. You all did a great job and can be proud of keeping the treasures there where they belong, as part of the family. That's exactly the sentiment Sally expressed. Ron and I often talked about the joy we shared in collecting stuff. He would have enjoyed a tour through my garage as well.

I saw a short slice of next weeks episode and it looks pretty interesting also. Not sure where they are heading but one quick glimpse made me think they might be visiting old spark plug collecting buddy John Davidson up in Bristol Wisconsin. If so, you're in for a treat.


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