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  1. A quicker way is to highlight the words that you want to make clickable. Then do CTRL + K. This will open the dialog box where you enter the address. Hope that helps. Judy Edwards
  2. Thanks Wayne for the photos and updates. Who won the Eady this year? Judy
  3. I got a Gmail account for the club (this is the only one that appears on the web site). I have any emails forwarded to my personal email account. I then forward the email to the correct person. This isn't ideal but in 15 years I have never had a problem.
  4. With the acceptance of electronic newsletters this year, do we need to still mail a hard copy to National? Judy
  5. Have they posted the seminar schedule yet?
  6. Jim, As far as copyright goes, anything printed before 1923 is in public domain. After that it starts to get complicated. A good rule to follow is not to reprint anything published after 1923 with out permission or 95 years have passed. Judy
  7. I received mine today for the Buzzard's Breath Touring Region newsletter, Buzzard Droppings. Congratulations to all. Judy
  8. Well, it that time of year again. No, not Christmas! Has anyone heard anything yet about the Master Editor awards-either print or web? Judy
  9. Annie, Word is basically for writing letters. It is very difficult to publish a newsletter using Word. I would suggest using Publisher, which I have been using since version one came out in 1991. There are many other programs that you can use to publish a newsletter like In Design. However, for ease of use, I recommend Publisher to create your publication and converting to a PDF. The majority of people using a computer already have Adobe Reader installed. No matter what program you use to create your publication and PDF always be sure to embed the fonts you use. If
  10. Earl, I agree. I pinned this thread to the top of the list. Judy
  11. Santa was very good to me this year as the mailman brought me three letters. I received three master awards for: Buzzard Droppings, newsletter of the Buzzard's Breath Touring Region On The Road, Again!, newsletter of the Brass-Nickel Touring Region and one for the Brass-Nickel web site.Congratulations to everyone. Judy
  12. Well, it that time of year again. No, not Christmas! Has anyone heard anything yet about the Master Editor awards-either print or web? Judy
  13. Bill, I received a seminar schedule with the President's dinner invitation. I did not see a web seminar listed. Judy
  14. Update: I tried all the fixes listed on the Internet, and nothing worked. It seems that this is a common problem that occurs after an update. There must be a bug in the new version of FileZilla. I fixed the problem by downloading an older version. I am pleased to report that everything is working again-finally. Judy
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