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Help needed..


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Greetings from St. Louis!

I posted my message originally on the Riviera site, and Daves89 suggested

I come here to the Reatta site as this year Reatta and Riv had a lot in common.

Now that I am able, I hope to kick my "master plan" into action, as I've been waiting a long time! To own a Riviera for winter driving and a Reatta convertible for summer driving!

I'm a 60 year old car-crazy gal checking into a '93 Riv near Jacksonville Florida. It is a gorgeous car, looks like it just came off of the showroom floor! The car belongs to a gentleman who's mother bought it new, and pampered it totally!

I have two concerns: apparently the car has been stored since 2000 and the

battery died, consequently the "computer" will not show the mileage on the car, which the gentleman said was 64,000. He also stated the car has been driven around his property weekly, no drips of fluids on the garage floor. I'm wondering if the computer has not been reset properly, or there is a definite


ANY help is definitely appreciated. I read the forums regularly, and feel like I

"know" a lot of you! Such a fabulous wealth of information and expertise. AND

thanks to Daves89 for the suggestion!

Again, thanks to you all for my daily education!

Melody Caldwell

St. Louis, MO<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

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...battery died, consequently the "computer" will not show the mileage on the car, which the gentleman said was 64,000.
When power is restored, with new battery or jumper, the correct mileage should still show 64,000.

I have no idea who the seller is but keep in mind that the words "car salesman" and "gentleman" usually do not go hand in hand. There are exceptions. Buyer beware!

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I generally have a decent mechanical eye and I help my son and friends evaluate cars prior to their purchase; however, when it comes to my own purcahases for a used vehicle - I always have a mechanic check it over. Too often, I find myself being prejudice toward the car due to my desire to have it. This can overcome common sense and cloud judgement. If you are having any concerns, get a mechanic to check it over. It is well worth the few dollars they will charge.

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If as he says, the car is driven reguarly, then they are putting a battery in the car or have some method of making it run........

If the mileage does not show under the "driving around" time, then the BCM chip is damaged.

You have a couple of options......... A GM dealer can send the BCM in for repair and get the correct mileage restored to the BCM chip (I think it is a RRAM or something) Padgett will know.

The dealer that did the service work should have a record.

If the actual mileage is not important, you can put a chip from another Riviera in it so you know how many miles you are driving etc. A chip from a wrecking yard car may read 140K

There are probably people out there that can change the mileage reading to anything you want but unless it is done with some documentation it is technically illegal.

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I have two simple rules:

1) three strikes yer out. If I find three things I do not like, I walk

2) Maximum price (usually what I have in my pocket, be nice if there were something larger than a $100. Then deduct for flaws, max for uncetainty (Teves or a/c inop, -$1,000). Am not one for haggling, will make an offer and be prepared to walk (+/- $100).

And of course the overrider: is there room in the garage ? Any more I only buy cars that deserve garaging.

Also you might ask yourself "What is this car for ?". If to carry more than one passenger, a LeSabre of the same vintage would make more sense and is about the same price. If not, why not a Reatta coupe ? Again they can be found for about the same price and have about as much usable room as a '93 Riv. This is a wonderful time to buy a car.

Personally, if I were looking for a Riv it would be the next gen with the Series II N/A engine, first ones looked a little odd from the back but then they added the trunk handle.

ps final thought: Jax is on the coast. If located within 10 miles of the beach check very carefully for high-body rust particularly in the windshield and backlight channels.

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Guest daveagain909

here is the nada pricing for a 90 convertible. note that it did not give mae an opportunity to input milage. so not sure what mileage they are estimating.

1990 Buick Reatta 2 Door Convertible

Find Your Classic

January 31, 2010

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email a friend


Original MSRP: $34,995

Low Retail Average Retail Value High Retail

Base Price $3,350 $5,475 $8,800


Factory Air Conditioning 10% 10% 10%

TOTAL PRICE $3,685 $6,023 $9,680


Insure Your Investment

Free Online Credit Report & Score

Looking to Buy a Classic?

Looking to Sell Your Classic?

New Car Prices, Reviews & Info

Low Retail Value

This vehicle would be in mechanically functional condition, needing only minor reconditioning. The exterior paint, trim, and interior would show normal wear, needing only minor reconditioning. May also be a deteriorated restoration or a very poor amateur restoration. Most usable "as-is".

Some of the vehicles in this publication could be considered "Daily Drivers" and are not valued as a classic vehicle. When determining a value for a daily driver, it is recommended that the subscriber use the low retail value.

Note: This value does not represent a "parts car".

Average Retail Value

This vehicle would be in good condition overall. It could be an older restoration or a well-maintained original vehicle. Completely operable. The exterior paint, trim, and mechanics are presentable and serviceable inside and out. A "20-footer".

High Retail Value

This vehicle would be in excellent condition overall. It could be a completely restored or an extremely well maintained original vehicle showing very minimal wear. The exterior paint, trim, and mechanics are not in need of reconditioning. The interior would be in excellent condition. Note: This value does not represent a "100 Point" or "# 1" vehicle *.

* "100 Point" or "# 1" vehicle is not driven. It would generally be in a museum or transported in an enclosed trailer to concourse judging and car shows. This type of car would be stored in a climate-regulated facility.

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Guest Bobby Valines

When I bought my Reatta almost two years ago I paid $2.500 It barely ran to get it home. It did have a nice body and interior. When I did get it home I probably spent more money then what its worth to get it the way I wanted. The point I'm trying to make is. Yes I would do it again. Call me crazy. I think most of us here could have made a smarter choice in buying a car and didn't. I cant speak for any one else but I bought mine because I was crazy about the car.This might sound crazy but If you like the car and can afford it buy it the people here will help you fix it.

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WOW! Such a fabulous response, AND each very appreciated! I am still in contact with the gentleman that owns the car, and call me crazy, but something is calling me to this Riv! By no means would I invest money in something that valuable without completely checking it out. Does anyone here at the forum live close to McAlpin, Florida...seems to be west of Jacksonville...

Also, Mr. Yarnell, I would love to hear from you regarding the Riv, since you

mentioned you knew the car.

Well, no matter what the outcome, I will be moving on to scout out my Reatta

or Riv to have my "dream team" and be reading the forum. I know you folks

are here with information needed, and what a blessing for all! I'm SO glad to

talk with you all!

Up dates to follow!



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If you can get a picture or list of the RPO codes from the Riv, I'd be happy to id for you the options it originally came with from the factory. These codes are located on a label glued to the underside of the cardboard cover that rests on top of the spare tire under the trunk carpet. Just make sure the vin on the label matches the one on the dash.

Also, the trunk lid, hood, front qtrs and door jambs should each have a vin label. Again, check that the numbers all match. That will tell you if any of the sheet metal was swapped out due to an accident/collision.

My wife and I own two of this generation riv, but...next acquisition, hopefully a 91 Reatta.

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Hey Ship,

Thanks for the reply. I will get those numbers, and get them to you, thanks!

Sounds like I have some Reatta/Riv partners! I think that Buick really hit the nail on the head with this particular combo. Such meticulous workmanship, etc.

My uncles always drove Buick, and I sure remember those portholes from

a "few" years ago. Two of them lived in Los Alamos, NM and would drive back

here to pick up a new Buick every couple of years...great memories!

I want a 89-93 Riv because I really like that body style, and the 3800 can't be

beat. I had one about 4/5 years ago, but my youngest son kinda took over,

and the car served him well. I also had an '84 Riv....great car! So I'm on my

"mission" to get my duo and enjoy them in my old age! lol

Keep me posted on your hunting!



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