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  1. Down in the hole from the blower controller, look to your left; that honeycomb looking thing is the evaporator. It gets clogged with lint, blocking air flow. If it's clear (clean) leave it alone. If clogged, stick a hose (water) in there and flush it off.
  2. The three rivets are aluminum. Just drill off the heads and pop the rest thru. There's a way of pinning the spring so it won't fly off. Later '90's GM's had motors held with three 10mm bolts...and replaceable from the trim panel side. Five minute job.
  3. The trunk won't pop open when you press the button like any other GM; you have to LIFT it by hand after pressing the button. Fuse #17 powers both the fuel door and trunk release. Only relay is with the keyless entry ckt.
  4. To replace the accumulator with a hard pedal; NO you don't have to pump the pedal at all!
  5. If you jumper the relay to force the compressor on, the computer is out of the circuit.
  6. What do you mean by "cluster"... the IPC or the CRT? and what year do you have?
  7. Barney, that looks like MY garage!
  8. I've used the metal splice nipples; work great...just make the plastic fuel line slightly supple with a hair dryer...JUST slightly. Heat gun is NOT acceptable.
  9. Does the '90 have plastic lines? I think they do. I've had problems with lawn rats chewing on the plastic lines. If they're steel, rust is the culprit.
  10. You can smell Freon? Freon is odorless. The evaporator is removed from the engine bay.
  11. Don't overlook the evaporator. PITA to change, but it is suspect. BTDT.
  12. It is my understanding that on basecoat/ clearcoat paint jobs, the paint film is very thin.
  13. Depends on what you want it to look like. If just want to get rid of the leprosy-look, removal of any loose clearcoat, followed by a clear re-spray is the cheap way. Otherwise a full sanding and repaint and clear is required to look nice.
  14. My money's on the CPS....and yes they do heal....sometimes.