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  1. I've got access to a '95 Riv supercharged powertrain. It's for sale. It runs GOOD. Matter of fact it's out of the vehicle still in its cradle. They want $450 for everything, including the PCM and engine/ body harness. I was going to buy it to put in my '90 Reatta, but I have to face reality that I'm gotting too old to do this work anymore. I had to pass; really was torn. Anybody interested? It's up in Aberdeen, MD.
  2. I'm getting too old to fool with old cars anymore. My daily driver needs work. Nice car, runs well, starts within 1/2 second. Painted pearl white a few years ago and the paint's perfect. Blue interior. Hoosier seats CD player (doesn't work) Sun roof Perfect windshield Headlight assys work Needs: Muffler Right 1/2 shaft Power steering hose $600 Hell, the windshield is worth that. Car is in Perryman Md. harryyarnell@verizon.net 410-272-0873
  3. Are the two half shafts the same?
  4. There's talk that the alternators from Auto Zone and Advance are junk.
  5. How about swapping out the proms?
  6. I've got the opportunity to pickup a'95 Riviera with the supercharger. Parts car. The thought was to transplant the engine ( or just the supercharger) into a Reatta. I know some on this list have done just that. I'm open to comments, and advice on this endeavor. I've done transplants before; 4 speed powertrain from a Corvair into a VW bus. 3800 powertrain into a Fiero. All run great, and like bats out of Hell
  7. Press the + AND - volume at the same time.
  8. Something tells me you could press two buttons together, and the radio would MUTE. ...but I don't remember WHICH two buttons. ...or maybe I'm wrong.
  9. Stuck tape player? Makes a clicking sound.
  10. The two units I found were separated from a stash of 12 more in the garage I forgot about. They're from parted Buicks and Cadillacs of the period. Anyone interested at $40?
  11. Apparently the two units I have are defective, so, never mind.
  12. I've got one...out of a 88-89 Reatta. $40 postpaid
  13. Crank sensor, fuel filter, fuel pump, would be my first educated guesses. Check for spark (crank sensor). Check for correct fuel pressure (filter, pump).
  14. Why would you want that horrid chime?
  15. I don't see how. When you close the trunk on a Reatta, It's CLOSED. No pull down needed. Besides, you have to wire the latch in the lid, and I'm not so sure you can do that...easily.