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  1. The possibility of a bad diode in the alternator being the issue would require the engine to be RUNNING. Was the engine running when the weird display showed?
  2. Unplug it at the speed sensor on the tranny. I would assume the cluster would read zero. This is a weird event; let us know what you find
  3. The 'grated thing' is called an evaporator... and yes they can get gunked up to limit (stop) the air flow.
  4. Disconnected vacuum line. Maybe under the hood.
  5. Down by the seat, or ON the seat? Wasn't there a lumbar option that had a single switch on the side of the seat?...or am I thinking another vehicle?
  6. What time frame are we talking about? Days, weeks? There is a constant parasitic drain for the 'keep alive' circuits, that, over time could kill a battery, ESPECIALLY one that's old and weak. I think that drain is around 20 ma. The previous poster talks about the 'retained accessory power' feature that's good for about 10 minutes of accessory use after shutdown (more than just windows). I've never seen this feature to fail as suggested, but YMMV. I've had this dead battery issue on my seldom driven '88; I just keep a battery tender on it.
  7. Vacuum tank; black football shaped.
  8. This business of changing tranny fluid and filter being a bad idea, is an old wives tail. It was 'explained' to me that fresh fluid would wash off gunk clinging to internal parts and plug up the tranny. Really?
  9. You may have answered your question in your first sentence. Possibly SOMEONE dribbled oil onto the engine during refill.
  10. It's plastic the whole way on mine. Now I'm not so sure. I went to look at the '90, and the lines in the engine bay are steel. Too damn cold here to crawl under to check. I DO remember getting a replacement plastic line from Jim years ago.
  11. Yes it's plastic (nylon?) and it can be spliced. Done it many times were the squirrels chew on it. Not sure of the size; 5/16 maybe. Spices are barbed nipples that you heat srink on.
  12. I thought you said you were going to replace with a non-airbag REATTA wheel.
  13. It could also be a failed pump.
  14. Speedo cluster. IPC ; instrument panel cluster.