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  1. harry yarnell

    Headlight woes...

    Belcranks are shot. Might as well do the Delron rollers, also. These three rollers are cheap; belcranks, not so much. Seems the supply of the NOS ones has dryed up, but repro's are available. If one side is bad, the other isn't far behind.
  2. harry yarnell

    ECM PCB Has bubbling ALL over - HELP!

    This looks perfectly normal. It's the way it was flow soldered. I've worked at a automotive electronics facility, and that's a wave solder job.
  3. harry yarnell

    power door lock relay-'90

    Turns out it's behind the kick panel, drivers side. My '90's manual is the NEW PRODUCTS version, and leaves out some stuff. Reference was the full '88 manual.
  4. harry yarnell

    power door lock relay-'90

    Where is it? Can't find it in the shop manual.
  5. harry yarnell

    Bench testing a 90-91 cluster?

    Testing the late Reatta IPC's is a crap shoot, because the problem is usually intermittent. I've got an electronics backround, but have not considered a bench test. Usually it's just easiest to test one in the car. The mileage is not kept in the IPC.
  6. harry yarnell

    headlight motors

    What do you mean by 'loosened'? ...gave it a 'tweak'?...rotated it til the headlight came all the way up?
  7. harry yarnell

    Blank Gauge Cluster, no Error codes

    never heard of a 'loose' fuse. Let us know if the problem reappears
  8. harry yarnell

    Blank Gauge Cluster, no Error codes

    I'd put my money on the cluster, but don't overlook a blown fuse. The '90-93 IPC's (include the Riviera) are notorious for going bad.
  9. I disagree. I've seen these CPS's be intermittent.
  10. CPS's are notorious (at least on the 3800) for getting intermittent. Don't forget to use a folded matchbook thickness paper shim for alignment.
  11. harry yarnell


    Check the ISO-IGN fuse (#1) in the fuse panel. Right hand side of the consol. It feeds the fuel sender.
  12. harry yarnell

    Hello you sexy thing!

    First photo looks like a pimp-mobile.
  13. harry yarnell

    Buick Reatta battery condition

    When checking for parasitic drains, make sure it's AFTER the RAP times out. About 15 minutes.
  14. harry yarnell

    Auto engineer rant

    No pulley needs to be removed from a Northstar to remove the pump, BUT, a special tool IS required to remove the pump. Pumps rarely go bad on the Northstar. The idler pulley can be problematic, though.
  15. harry yarnell

    1989 Buick CRT HELP!!!!

    Nope, no 88-89 wood panels left, just one 90-92 IPC surround (bezel).