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  1. Press the + AND - volume at the same time.
  2. Something tells me you could press two buttons together, and the radio would MUTE. ...but I don't remember WHICH two buttons. ...or maybe I'm wrong.
  3. Stuck tape player? Makes a clicking sound.
  4. The two units I found were separated from a stash of 12 more in the garage I forgot about. They're from parted Buicks and Cadillacs of the period. Anyone interested at $40?
  5. Apparently the two units I have are defective, so, never mind.
  6. I've got one...out of a 88-89 Reatta. $40 postpaid
  7. Crank sensor, fuel filter, fuel pump, would be my first educated guesses. Check for spark (crank sensor). Check for correct fuel pressure (filter, pump).
  8. Why would you want that horrid chime?
  9. I don't see how. When you close the trunk on a Reatta, It's CLOSED. No pull down needed. Besides, you have to wire the latch in the lid, and I'm not so sure you can do that...easily.
  10. It's a 7mm. I either use a long spin-tite (like a screwdriver but with a 7mm socket on the end), or a short 1/4" 7 socket with a swivel. Never put that screw back!
  11. What's a 'trunk cylinder'?
  12. Isn't hurting anything. You might get gigged at a car show.
  13. They pull out, but will fight you. I never reinstall these pins. If they break, so what. Channel Locks can be your friend.
  14. That sure doesn't look factory.