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Guest Reatta Forever

OK. I thought I had found the perfect muffler in size and format in the Magnaflo Performance #14580. To my surprize when I took it to the muffler shop to have it installed. They informed me that it was on in and two out but not at oposite ends. It was a camaro set up wit an In and an Out at one end and the other Out at the other end. When I checked it out at Anythingauto.com it's discription did not say it had this type of set-up. I even talked with a support person just to clarify and he never said anything. So now it goes back and I have to pay $20.00 shipping because they do not have anything else comparable.

So once again I obsessed on my search, called Walker again, gave them some guidelines of what I was looking for and they came up with a part #. I started serching vendors and no one had that part #. Come to find out it was a really old number. I called Walker back and the gave me a new number that was close to the same dimensions.

It's a Walker F/X #18240. The In is 2 1/4" off set (just like O/E). The 2 Outs are off set, on the other corner of the other side and are 2" (just like O/E). The dimensions are a little different but as close as I can find. It's 4" x 8" x 17" total 21". I got mine from Autopartswarehouse.com but you should be able to find it locally in your area.

After I get it installed I'll take some picks and show you.

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Guest Reatta Forever

Yes, The Walker #18240 to me is the best fit. After agonizing over finding the "PERFECT" muffler, thinking I found it with a Magnaflo, only to find out that after I purchased it, that it was a Camaro set-up(In and Out on one end, the other out on the other). I had the Walker installed today and outside of having one of the out ports cut off slightly and a small extension added to the in it lined up fine. I kept my original tail pipes, although you could have two new ones custom bent. Make sure they are Mandrell bent.

This Muffler could be put up on the Reatta store site as a good fit. Slightly shorter (17" as compared to 22"). Doesn't need alot of pipe modification to fit and keep the same hangers.

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Okay this is the best series of posts I could find regarding mufflers. Reatta Forever did a lot of research on these. However the one Reatta Forever ended up with is steel, not stainless steel. From what I can remember after talking to Walker is that the 1xxxx numbers are steel and the 2xxxx are stainless steel. The #18240 is close in dimensions but discontinued. The Walker rep told me that the #22401 is also a close match [which are the ones I found on Ebay] have the correct inlet and outlets but is shorter [18"]. 

 I misspoke on the ones I have, they are not factory correct in length but will work.

 Once again I have two but am only interested in selling one. There is one still for sale on Ebay but the guy wants just under $150.00 delivered for it. I'll sell one for $110.00 delivered. 

 Nic you are second, Zank is first if he wants it. And yes I can go out to Gibson's and cut off the factory tail pipes for you at an additional cost 

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