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  1. I don't think it's a stake. My guess is it's probably just a foundry marking. It is pretty close to the edge though. I would check to see if there might be a slight out of round condition right in that spot. I would then stone or file it to take out the raised portion. The nut or bolt and keyway are the design and it should hold perfectly fine. It could be what is holding you up if it's out of round in that spot. I would think also that if it was a stake it would be even closer to the edge and you should see something corresponding on the pulley / hub'
  2. My thoughts are; Worst case is an engine change. Easy peasy. You will have a decent looking car for around $1000 bucks and a little labor.
  3. From what I understand this is inventory and projects from the company that used to be "Bob's Thunderbird Parts" in Florida. All going to be auctioned off.
  4. Do you have a set of fresh air ducts? They go under the front fenders and up over the tires.
  5. I too thought TC was for an MG-TC. If I saw T&C I would have thought Town & Country as I the Chrysler with the wood sides. Anyway, when I saw fogies and the acronym broken out it reminded me of a place where I go for breakfast on Wednesday mornings. The ROMEO's are there every Wednesday - Retired Old Men Eating Out.
  6. When I learned I could not buy an exhaust system for the car I took mine to one of those muffler shops that will bend one up and install. I could have specified a muffler with the dual outlet but decided instead for a single with a nice chrome tip. They bent it up to follow right where the original system went and I am very happy with the installation.
  7. I know! …. And it's a lot of good information. Fantastico!!!
  8. I just saw an article that stated the electric cars suffer from a huge drop in distance in the cold weather we have had as of late. Many of the cars, according to the article, lose almost half of their distance. The article mentioned that one way to help was to precondition the car (warm the interior) while still plugged in to the grid. That way you are not using power for heat as much and the car can use the power to travel further.
  9. I saw a photo once where someone had done exactly that. They took off the padded door on the console and just installed the other one (with the built in cup holder) in it's place.
  10. It took me a while to find it but it certainly was Dave who had done the LED swap! DAVES89 643 Senior Member Members 643 6,215 posts Location: Menasha, Wi. Posted December 11, 2015 I bought a relay harness from Octane Lighting on Amazon. It is the H4 100 watt harness. It was $25.00 plus freight. It works well and is in both '89 Reattas. Takes a lot of heat off the headlight switch. It's mostly plug and play after you extend a lead or two. The Truck-lite headlights are a different matter. I think they were $350.00 for a pair. They come with a short pigtail that has to be extended. But they fit right in with no clearance issues.
  11. Sorry if I chapped anyone's hide. I was thinking "it's a parts car" for not an unreasonable price. I, for one already have too many cars/projects. I am not interested in it. As a matter of fact I would like to sell mine. I went back to look at the listing and it appears that it may be at a salvage yard and they are trying to sell it as a complete car.
  12. In case someone might be interested I saw a 1990 red / tan convertible for sale on E-bay. Ad says located in Delaware. It is going for no reserve bidding ends on Saturday night 01-12-2019. Currently bid is at $610. I says it needs a little work. It needs at least rebuild headlight actuators, new top and new tires. The seller mentions intermittent engine light and ABS light.
  13. Thank You Ron. I never felt that the problems I had with the car were really significant for a 30 year old car. I have worked on many cars that were in worse shape with only half of the age on them. Even though my Reatta was somewhat neglected before I got it, the car has stood the test of time very well. It's just that I have that 64 year old car that I've owned (and not driven) for 44 years that I would like to build the way I want so I can enjoy it to the fullest. I have no intention of abandoning the Reatta guys. You guys are the best! It comes down to me trying to keep up and upkeep four cars and not being able to drive all of them enough to keep them "exercised"!
  14. I look (lurk) at this site every day. Sometimes if I see something where I can help I log in and type my reply. I know that I have used this site and the ROJ many times when I was working to try to get my '88 Reatta functioning properly and make it roadworthy here in Massachusetts. My car functions very well and does not require much work to keep it "up to snuff". It is currently put away for winter storage waiting for me to pull it back out in the spring. Then I'll be detailing it every week and driving to local car shows at least once a week. I have found that if I drive it more frequently it "behaves" much better. As in; all the buttons and switches seem to work better. The car also seems to run better the more I use it. I am currently VERY involved in another "project" car and don't work on the Reatta unless it becomes an absolute necessity. Ronnie, you and others have helped me greatly when I have hit a point where I was a little stumped with something. I have the manuals and ability to fix most anything on the car but coming here has saved me a bundle of time when I was starting any repairs. I personally think you have done a fine job as moderator for this forum and also on the ROJ. FYI - I have mentioned that my wife keeps asking me to let the Reatta go. She has suggested donating it to get a tax write off. I told her I will not donate it because I would rather it go to a good home (for use as a driver or for parts). I'm pretty sure the car now needs the AC compressor replaced. I am on the fence about fixing it or selling it for less (probably $1,000) and a new owner can either fix it (and have a very good driver) or use it for parts. The reason is because I would rather spend my time and money on my "project" car.
  15. I have always been able to get parts. I think the longest I ever waited for a part was less than a week. Sometimes I took a week to find a part because I was trying to find the best price. That said. I did take my car to get the A/C compressor replaced and converted to 134A. It was two weeks before they had the right parts and had it back together then they could not get the AC to function. After four weeks of going back and forth with them I took the car back from them with a non-functioning AC. I went through the troubleshooting per the manual and compared my results with a couple of guys on the web sites. I came to this website and the ROJ. We finally determined the reason my AC would not engage was because the power steering pressure switch was bad. A new switch (less than $10 at the local Auto Zone) and my system worked perfectly. The mechanic could not get it to function for 4 weeks. With the guys here and my manual I had it functioning in one day.