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  1. There were seven of us there with our Reatta's and yes it was a beautiful day.
  2. I detailed the Reatta today and took it to a Cruise-in. As usual a couple lookers but not really sure what it is. Anyway. I got a flyer for a Buick, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, GM event coming up June 9th at the Budweiser plant in Merrimac, NH. I think I'll be attending that!
  3. If you know what they look like you could try Mr. G's Enterprises
  4. Question #1 - Yes, you should still pump the pedal with the car off. You need to de-pressurize the system. Question #2 - No the pedal stiffness will not bother / alter the bleeding process. You want the car running to do the rear brakes properly. So because It needs to be running to do the rear brakes I usually have it running when I do the front brakes. Question #3 - I don't remember any issues when I changed mine. Just want it tight and not leaking.
  5. I personally think the internet traffic slows down a lot during the winter. I know I store my car during the winter and I do not have a heated garage so I'm not working on it or anything else out there. Matter of fact the only time I do anything outside during the cooler months is by necessity. You know, clearing the snow off my driveway. Anyway, that said I only put approximately 300 miles on my car last year. I have only driven it 6 miles since last September. I have decided I really should let it go. My wife doesn't really like the car and if we go out she prefers the MOPAR or the F150. Last summer I had a for sale sign in the window but not one call for the car. I thought of trading it but decided not to because it would just be another car that I will not drive enough. I am taking it to the local cruise-in tomorrow and I'm considering stopping at CarMax to see what they will offer.
  6. when I changed my blower motor I was able to do it without removing the dog bone and / or tilting the engine.
  7. When I checked my Norton report ( which by the way is blocking my access also) it refers to Phishing activity and mentions "325316-1950-oldsmobile-88-V8=2=door=2500".
  8. When I pulled my transmission out I made a fixture to hold the engine. It went across the shock towers and came forward to the radiator support. I used two hooks to hold the engine from the lifting eyes.
  9. Just letting you know I still have my '88 Reatta and I haven't really left. I still lurk here frequently. I always slow down on the cars during the winters. I do not have heat in the garage and now that I'm getting older I prefer a warmer workspace. I tend to do a lot of inside projects a(honey dews) during the cold weather. Lately I've been renovating my daughter's bathroom. Next week I'm hosting a CTONE (Classic Thunderbirds of New England) garage run. I need to clean up my yard and garage and set up displays for people who will be coming by. I have always thought you have done a great job supporting Reatta and owners. Sorry to see you dropped from being a moderator but glad to see you are still here.
  10. I don't think it's a stake. My guess is it's probably just a foundry marking. It is pretty close to the edge though. I would check to see if there might be a slight out of round condition right in that spot. I would then stone or file it to take out the raised portion. The nut or bolt and keyway are the design and it should hold perfectly fine. It could be what is holding you up if it's out of round in that spot. I would think also that if it was a stake it would be even closer to the edge and you should see something corresponding on the pulley / hub'
  11. My thoughts are; Worst case is an engine change. Easy peasy. You will have a decent looking car for around $1000 bucks and a little labor.
  12. From what I understand this is inventory and projects from the company that used to be "Bob's Thunderbird Parts" in Florida. All going to be auctioned off.
  13. Do you have a set of fresh air ducts? They go under the front fenders and up over the tires.
  14. I too thought TC was for an MG-TC. If I saw T&C I would have thought Town & Country as I the Chrysler with the wood sides. Anyway, when I saw fogies and the acronym broken out it reminded me of a place where I go for breakfast on Wednesday mornings. The ROMEO's are there every Wednesday - Retired Old Men Eating Out.
  15. When I learned I could not buy an exhaust system for the car I took mine to one of those muffler shops that will bend one up and install. I could have specified a muffler with the dual outlet but decided instead for a single with a nice chrome tip. They bent it up to follow right where the original system went and I am very happy with the installation.