Bob Zetnick

1929 DA-6 4-dr sedan roof framing

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Thanks for the comments, fellas.

Stakeside, I can't really say what the colour is. I had it mixed some time ago. The story is that the DA should be painted in two shades of blue, but the darker shade was so close to black that I decided to actually paint that (upper) section black. The blue was supposed to be the lighter of the two blues. It was a close match to a colour that a mate used on his '39 Buick, which I really liked, so I ordered the same. It was a Volvo colour from memory, but the paint company failed and what I got was not what I ordered. They re-tinted it free of charge to a sample that I supplied and I was happy with that. But sorry, I can't put a name to it. I think your blue looks great too. It is difficult to get a true reproduction in a shed, but it looks similar to mine.


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Great thread, as I just bought a 29 Dodge 4 dr this weekend and whole roof is gone. Dont have the metal brackets for the perimeter.


Also like the luan idea. Stiffens the top up nicely!

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