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  1. Thanks, great photos. You never stop learning stuff. John
  2. Wow, now that aftermarket gauge looks great. I never thought of that as an option as I have never seen one (of the correct period), did not know they existed. Only ever seen 1960s and later which look wrong to me on a 20s car. Perhaps I should keep my eyes open. Thanks fellas, food for thought.
  3. OK, so it's too hot in the shed to do any more on the DA (41 deg. C/106 deg. F) so time to sit here in the cool and ask something I have been thinking about for a while. I do not have a temperature gauge (cos they didn't have one) and I don't really want to fit one permanently (cos they didn't have one)! I have had the engine running and used a laser infrared thermometer to keep an eye on things, but that won't be real handy when I run it on the road. I am happy in the long term running without a gauge, but only after I have confidence that all is OK. I have thought of using an old bulb type g
  4. Had a similar problem with my DA some time back. From memory I used a Valiant (slant six) fan. Not sure if they are the same in USA, but suspect they would be. They only need minor modification to fit, again, from memory, centre hole bored out slightly, bolt holes elongated slightly. Could not find an original one to use that was not also cracked. Also discussed at Some clues there for you as well. Good luck. John
  5. Thanks Doug, best wishes for Christmas and New Year to you and all the other "Dodgey" people reading this. John
  6. Ian, no you won’t, that honor will go to me! Now I know that this post is not really directed to me, because although I do contribute from time to time, nothing like some of you blokes, both here and overseas and I find it very inspiring to see what you are doing, the problems you encounter and your solutions. For example, the brake spring pliers, never heard of them but ordered some yesterday. Don’t need them at the moment, but they will come in handy even if I never use them. The DA is coming along nicely at the moment, but I will wait till it is on the road before I write up some
  7. Thanks for the info. Don't need gasket set at the moment but like to keep a record for when I do. Have dealt with Auto Surplus in the past, but a long time in the past!
  8. Good to see the photos, bugger about the crack. I rebuilt mine using a Glenn Smith housing some years ago. From your photos, it looks like I made the shaft a bit too short (which I was starting to suspect), so will need to revisit this some time.
  9. Matt, will be really interested in the switch rebuild. Did mine some years ago and can't really remember exactly what I did. I have only just started using it and it sometimes the switch does not work. I suspect I have not got the length of the shaft quite right. John
  10. Yes I am, it's been a long time coming (but that is my fault of course!)
  11. YOU BEAUTY, SHE RUNS!!!!!!!!!!! Started the engine three times today, was a bit reluctant for a while, but after fiddling with carbi and timing, it got easier to start each time. No water in radiator yet, so could not run for long, but long enough to be satisfied that all seems OK at this stage. I now need to fill the radiator so I can give it a longer run and get it running better still. Valves are a bit noisy, but fine for the time being, will reset them after I have run it for a bit. I am a pretty happy fella tonight, so thanks to everyone for the advice and encourageme
  12. Did not explain this very well. When I got the engine it had the head off and was a mess. That was 50 years ago, and it had not run for probably 15 years before that. I had it recon about 20 years ago by a very reputable vintage engine restorer and it was returned to me as a short motor. I assembled the rest of it myself ensuring that there was plenty of oil on everything, but did not run it. It was never going to take this long to get the car on the road, but life takes one down other paths. The inside of the engine is still very clean except for the rust on those two cam followers. Did I mis
  13. Bob, the thing that puzzles me is that the engine has not had water in it since recon. I have only just connected to radiator and still not added water yet. Another one of life's mysteries I suppose.
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