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  1. Someone from England is called a "Pom" in Australia, thus "Pommy Car" is one that originated in England. Mind you, I like the idea that we all have our own terms for things, maintains our sense of identity. Occurs within countries as well of course, some time back I worked in Sydney in my lifelong industry (Telecommunications) and they also had different names for things. Took me months to work some of them out.
  2. You blokes should get a Pommy (British) car as well to really help the confusion. Meaning the same thing of course are Wings/Mudguards/Fenders, Lights/Windows, Boots/Gaiters, etc. etc. Really keeps you on your toes. Maybe that's why I sold my Pommy car!
  3. Good on you, looks fantastic. I know how you feel and it's pretty good, isn't it.
  4. Just showed your photos to my wife. she agrees with me. I'm just inadequate.
  5. Pretty sure the spring is to put pressure on door card and fabric against the escutcheon, which is up against the handle, which is pinned to the shaft. In other words, the door card and fabric is sandwiched between the spring and the escutcheon. I think!
  6. OK, I'm confused again (some would say still!!) On a Budd bodied Sedan, when fitting the door cards, which way round do the door handle/window winder springs go, as per photo A or B. I am thinking A, but want to be sure. This is between the inner door and the door card, with the handle escutcheon on the other side of the door card. Hope the photo shows what I mean. Thanks, John
  7. Thanks for your compliments and likes, fellas. Bob, good advice, I was wearing my old work boots, about as far from sensible footware as you could get, I recon.
  8. Well, it’s not finished yet, but a big milestone that I thought I should share as a thank you to everyone on this forum. Your advice and inspiration, not to mention bits and pieces from various people have been much appreciated. Will write up a story later when it is actually on the road. The DA is now largely finished except for the interior. It will soon be going to the motor trimmer to have that rectified. Two days ago, the wheels touched the ground (it was on a trolley) for the first time since about 1989. Today was my first drive, not far, but I did manage to get second gear. Wa
  9. You have probably already got this info, but from the manual:-
  10. Thanks Matt. Did not pick that up in previous photos (can see it now that I have had another look). Is that a separate overdrive or did you use the whole gearbox as a joey box?
  11. At least your four legged off-sider is getting his share of rest, I see. What overdrive did you use?
  12. Thanks again for the gasket advice. I thought I should let you all know the outcome, which is that the gaskets were only part of the problem. I made a number of gaskets of various thicknesses, widths and types before I convinced myself that I had the optimum, but still the lens and rim would not fit correctly. I should mention that the headlights came from a friend many years ago. They had previously been fitted to his DeSoto, so we did a swap so that we each ended up with the correct lights. He is no longer with us, so I could not now query him, but I got them in a dismantled state.
  13. Thanks Fellas. That has given me enough to point me in the right direction. John
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