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  1. Your picture is so small I'm unable to see any detail. Can you provide a larger picture? Thanks
  2. Can anyone describe to me where to find the engine block coolant drain plugs on a 1952-53 Cadillac 331ci engine? I can't find them. A picture would also be helpful, I'm sure. Thanks
  3. Wow, Dr Joe, what a catastrophe! Like others reading your story, I too will be checking my DA fan blades ASAP. I think you might consider submitting your experience and story to the DB Club Newsletter, because not all Dodge Club members review this AACA Dodge forum. Take care, Howard.
  4. I too have had an interest in clearly defining the complete route taken by the 1930 Dodge Marathon Car. Here are some pictures I've collected over the years.
  5. I was unable to locate this collection of pictures at the AACA Library. Under what heading/link are they stored? Thanks
  6. My DA Victoria does not have what you are describing on the bottom of the door. However, there are dried out rubber seals on the top of the doors similar to your description. I've been looking for suitable replacements for a long time without any luck so far.
  7. How about this one.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dodge-Brothers-Model-30/332616918294?hash=item4d71836516:g:6T4AAOSwfohazVWm&vxp=mtr
  8. Here is a 1930 DA bumper without spare tire in back
  9. Thanks, Dave for that valuable tip! Howard.
  10. Hey Tom, I am interested in your shades also for my 1930 DA Victoria, but I think your shades are different in length except for the rear window. At this time I'm not able to tell you the width of my back windows because I'm away from my car. I'll see if I can find these widths somewhere on the Internet and reply. Thanks
  11. Boy, I wasn't expecting this much commentary. I realize that most antique cars are not "unidentifiable" to all who responded but to me it was. Thank you everyone!
  12. Can anyone identify this car that belonged to my great uncle?
  13. Can anyone tell me the make of this car that belonged to my great uncle?
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