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1955 Buick Century Restoration

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After owning this car for 15 years I decided to get serious. Over the last 15 years I have repaired something every year. This last year I replaced the right side rocker and ¼ patch panel. The wife said sell it or finish it! So here I go. My goal is summer of 2010. We will both be 55 years old.I still have not decied on the color yet. It was Gulf Turquoise with a Cherokee Red top. I don't think I have it in me to paint it that color. I painted one door red and white and the other Turquois and white. I like them both. I still have a few months to decide before it goes to the body shop.




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Hi Mudbone,

I own a 1955 Buick Century, too.


As you can see, it is in red and white color. I like this combination but this is also not the original color. It was cameo beige with a chekoree red roof. But I bought the car as it is.

I actually would mostly say, that I would take the original color and trim if I can decide this.



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I agree with Bill Stoneberg.When I bought my 1956 Buick I thought it had an ugly color,I were tired of green colors becuse all painting in our house was in a green colors.

After all I wanted my Buick as original as possible so I decided to have it painted in original color as Glassier Green and Laurel Green Metallic,the top are dark green as well,when people asked me I refer to the color code on the cowl and tell that it`s original.

Good luck whatever you do Leif in Sweden.



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Guest imported_MrEarl

I think the original would be awesome. My second vote would be the Gulf Turquoise and white. Why don't you post your car down in the Bucik forum, Me and My Buick. It's a forum just for showing off your car and all your hard work. Would love to hear more. click here

see ya there smile.gif

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