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  1. 1937 LZ coupe.Any interest? Dale 716-908-9388,my work phone, please leave a message and i will return your call.
  2. Hey Dave,Just checked on my 37 and your pic is correct.
  3. Looks like a pretty correct car to me. You gotta love that Columbia 2 speed and whens the last time you saw a 37 Zephyr coupe?Great colors,fit and finish look great, whats not to like.Polished aluminum heads????
  4. 2002 Chevy 3500,40,000 miles,Vortec 8100[496" gas ],Allison 5 spd.auto.Factory dual gas tanks.Air,6 new Cooper radials,factory spare,stainless simulators,Airlift airbags in rear.Factory am/fm/cd.Excellent factory paint on cab,NO rust ever.Entire cab and box is Chevy white.Interior is as new.20' "Transport Design" Prolite box.Google them,builders of hi end motorhomes and trailers.Interior and exterior walls are pre-finished white aluminum with no rivets.16' flat deck to 4' beavertail,3/4" plywood covered with 1/8"aluminum diamond plate as is the rear ramp door.Ramp door has spring assist along with 4' extension ramps attached.Drivers side lower storage with door and outside access.12 volt lighting in box and over work bench.9000# SuperWinch with remote.Moduline aluminum cabinets across front above aluminum covered bench top.PitPal cabinet on curbside door,PitPal exterior court lighting on curbside.Reason for sale,need something to stay in when going racing over the weekends.Wondering if your car will fit?my '56 Chevy 2 door fits fine any bigger you are going to have issues.19,900.Truck is in Buffalo,N.Y.and always stored inside during Winter.Dale Grahner,phaeton37@aol.com, 716-908-9388,please leave me a message if I do not answer and I will return all calls.Please e mail for many pics.Thanks.
  5. 1930 1J 561, Restored by Darryls, nicks and small chips around bolt holes.100.00 -1937 9K-277,Restored by Darryls,couple of chips around bolt holes,covered when installed.125.00-1939 Worlds Fair, 9C 49-63,Restored by Darryls,couple of chips around bolt holes,covered when installed.125.00.1962 6P-6276,amateur resto,nice,50.00.I can e mail pics.Dale Grahner phaeton37@aol.com
  6. Hey Beltfed,A number of years ago Paul Bradley made me a set for a '39 LZ coupe i restored.Exact as original,fair price,some people will complain about the wait but the product cannot be beat.Paul Bradley 704-392-3202 Charlotte,North Carolina
  7. Hey Steve,SUPER job and THANKS for the BLACKWALLS.Join the AACA and your truck will go to the head of the class.diz:)
  8. Hey Darren,I have NEVER heard an automatic transmission described as a three speed on the column.Guess i am always learning.diz
  9. Hey JP,Believe everything you ever heard regarding Bill Hirschs engine enamel,it's NOT coming off and the brush on has outstanding shine with no brush marks.It's not cheap.......BUT you only do it ONCE.diz
  10. Hey Marty,Gotta agree with Matt regarding the mileage,your BIGGEST concern should be tongue weight,I have seen MANY motorhomes both class C and A that are actually torn apart cause there is not enough framework behind the rearend of the coach.:eek:Siding buckled,framework torn:eek: and thats the bright side.I am sure you can imagine the worst.My Brother tows his 28' Goldrush tri axle trailer with a 28'Class A coach with a Ford V10 and heres the important part...has ALWAYS used a TOAD between the motorhome and the trailer.I am sure someone will chime in with a pic of a Toad,as i am not capable.Take Care.diz
  11. Above ALL else......look over all frame members as NO low end enclosed trailer manufacturers prime or paint any framework.Oh sure everyone expects to see a little surface rust,what i am talking about is:eek: BIG time ROT:eek:.diz
  12. Hey Kevin,Not sure about your Buick but on many 30s Ford V-8s there is a bearing in the center of the torque tube.Look for a grease fitting half way down the shaft and if so shoot a tube of grease in it:).Dale
  13. Hey Jim,Had the same issue on a '37 Ford though probably not as bad as yours.Took the top off off the motor as you have in the pic and laid a piece of coarse sandpaper on a sheet of glass and sanded both halves as flat as i could.Reassembled with a couple drops of oil in the chamber and worked fine.At this stage you have nothing to lose.diz
  14. Hey Jim,Does Rob have ANY extra parts available?I am sure GOOD cases are available,the OTHER alternative is RAINEX,an OUTSTANDING product.diz
  15. :)New,Never used,PUI SS seat covers,PUI SS door panels.Both are red w/ white stripes.300.00.Thanks.Dale Grahner phaeton37@aol.com
  16. Dear Dave:),I have never judged at an AACA show,that being said i will tell you how i would show your car.#1 IMHO the correct spare tire should be like the front,military lugged unobtainable tire,explain to the judges the situation.#2 I would leave the passenger side curtains in place and display the remaining in front of the vehicle on the ground.#3 Leave the hood on and remove when requested by the judges.Hope this helps.diz:)
  17. Hey Vila,I can appreciate your efforts in getting it right but the AACA showfield is not the place to sweat it.Save your worrying for the individual marque club.diz
  18. Hey MK,Absolutely legal in New York.I have had my 28' tri axle car hauling trailer registered in Maine for the last couple of years.I don't have the paperwork in front of me but i know it's saving me a bunch of:D dough:D.The place that handled the paperwork for me said the ONLY issue anyone from New York ever had was SOMETIMES the NY State Police would make a point of:eek: CLOSELY:eek: examining your rig cause they were aware of you circumventing the usual registration process and :eek:not willingly:eek: filling Albanys coffers.My advise to you is get it done and make SURE your tow rig is ALWAYS 100%Take care.:)diz
  19. Dear FJD,My powdercoating pal has 3 blacks,matte or flat,semi gloss and gloss.I gotta believe these 3 would work for anybody that being said i GUESS you could mix up different percentages of these powders and come up with something :eek::eek::eek:special.:eek::eek::eek:.diz
  20. Hey Phil,Go EARLY :eek:[in the dark] :eek:unload there must be an area close to the show field so you don't have to drive on the highway.Have a buddy take the trailer and tow car to the parking area and you can stay with your car and field :confused:ANY:confused: questions.Just ACT like you own the place......:)ALWAYS works for me. diz
  21. Hey,Front crossmember for 62 Corvette,EXCELLENT upper studs. 100.00.Prefer local pickup.Parts in Buffalo,NY.Dale phaeton37@aol.com c-716-908-9388 h-716-885-3507
  22. Hey,These pieces are brand new in the package from PUI interiors and are for a 67 Nova SS.Pair of seat covers, red with white stripe, SS door panels for same car,same colors.275.00 plus shipping,will separate.Thanks.Dale phaeton37@aol.com c- 716-908-9388 h-716-885-3507
  23. :)Hey Olds88,I vote for options 2 or 3,it's got:eek: 2 too many doors:eek: for a hotrod.diz
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