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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> You be the judge... </div></div>

Looks like a red neck Jack Nicholson. BTW, just heard a GREAT red neck joke but can't share it here..........Bob

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First off I swear the cans were coming at me. It was self-defence!

Secondly, if you blast them to smithereens, can I still recycle them?

(where is the self deprecating smiley?)

Mike Marley

Next time Serb, I promise. Next time!!!

PS. Next time I will stay out of the political discussions, I don't know if my delicate sensibilities can take being called out. cool.gif

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At least 5563 has the right idea of what to hide behind--something "soft" and deflective. Or is that to steady his aim at the attacking cans?

The cap is being worn correctly for that sort of activity (at least for shotgun stuff) so as to see things falling from the sky (unintended "victims" of scatter-gun loads?). Seems like I recall seeing some movies where the serious shooters turned their ballcaps backward before taking aim?

There are some advantages to trying to fit in with the younger crowd's dress code. Yet, the Crown Royal idicates "affluence" which might be a hint of the orientation toward incognito affluent vehicles (Buicks rather than Cadillacs), plus a small pickup truck. Perhaps the Crown Royal better fits an advancing age and depressed metabolism that used to better tolerate any kind of beer? I don't recall a vehicle demographic which equates to Lowenbrau Dark, though . . . (before it was licensed for USA production).

Keep on doing your part for Austin, 5563!


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: old-tank</div><div class="ubbcode-body">

You be the judge...


Well, now you have me thinking...

This side-

-Admits to drinking Crown in an urban setting

-While in bar in Flint, bought a dude who lived in a homeless shelter a drink

-Recycles cans, cardboard, newspapers

-Prefers not to dump transmission fluid on fire ant beds

-Prefers buying goods at locally owned stores before "big box stores"

-Travelled around country in van for years

-Hugged a tree for photo op

-Knows he needs a haircut, but explains hair has SPF 40 (so neck doesn't get red)

-Hides behind soft (but expensive) trashcan when the going gets tough

-Drives as small a vehicle a contractor can get away with

*Truly doesn't care what Conservatives think of him

That side-

-Shoots gun after drinking beer

-Works at ranch:

-driving tractors

-wrangling horses

-building houses

-hauling trailers


-Restores cars that get horrible gas mileage, then drives the snot out of them

-Dirt under fingernails all the time

-Has shaved head before, just so he didn't need to go to "salon"

-Owns multiple cowboy shirts for "goin' out" purposes

-Would prefer to sit at bar rather than dance

*Truly doesn't care what Liberals think of him

I dunno, sounds like most of MY Austin friends to me. blush.gif


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The only problem I have, If I remember correctly, is that the Crown got mixed with coke or something like that. Crown is a sipping whiskey. If you want to mix whiskey,use some lower brands like Imperial, BV or something of that nature. If you drink enough of any of them, you will feel like s#@% the next day anyway.

Have you ever tried Serbian Slivovitz? That is a real drink.


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At least, with Crown, you might not be motivated to do the "Wild Turkey" goggle-gobble mating call and dance. And you also get that distinctively snazzy sack to carry it in (no brown bag needed).

Learned persons claim the hangover is from all of the things in the whiskey/bourbon that give it the dark color (other than caramel), but the clear liquors are no better--brain sludge results either way. At least Harvey Wallbangers have some healthful orange juice (not from concentrate) in them.

The first time I was in Flint, 1988, we were at dinner and the ladies were ordering Fuzzy Navels (drinks). But when I paid for my meal with my new Gold AMEX, THAT got their attention.



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Guest imported_Thriller

Well, the stock almost looks tie-dyed grin.gif

The reason I still sport short hair is not having to pay for hair cuts...and I don't care what anyone thinks about it....

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Thriller</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Well, the stock almost looks tie-dyed grin.gif


Hot call Thriller,

I hadn't even noticed that.

The gun was won in a contest by the ferrier (horse shoe guy) I work with at the ranch where I work. We had a couple of beers on Friday after work when that pic was taken. So I guess I will have to pass on the "tie dye" comment to that good old boy. I will let him know a Canuck noticed it. It might bother him so much he will give me the gun...



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