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  1. Hey Wes, Has he checked all of the above recommendations? I personally don't know anything about these newer cars (I admit), but it seems like there have been good starting points to check. We can take it from there.
  2. Dunno Dick, But in preparation for heading to the Nats next week, I tried replacing the fuse. I saw a glimmer of light, then the fuse popped. I assume I blew a part of the solid state circuitry, which is why I haven't taken it back out. Aw shucks! (This may not be what I actually said...) The iPod attachment is something I wish I had. Maybe I will send it out again once I get back and have that feature added.
  3. I had the radio switched over to AM/FM a while back. The unfortunate thing for me was that when I ran out of gas in the left lane of a busy highway, I didn't have the time to turn off the radio before trying to really goose the car to the shoulder. Starting your car with the radio on will blow it up, it says so in the instructions several times in REALLY BIG LETTERS! Guess what. It blew up. My fault, of course. I don't feel like pulling it back out. Still looks good.
  4. Ken, I do believe they were originally silver cad. I zinc plated mine. My plater couldn't do silver cad, just gold. Obviously, silver is better than gold, as far as color, and I didn't get docked for improper plating. Just make sure they (fender mounting bolts) aren't painted body color, and you'll be ok.
  5. Rich, Pretty much everything under the hood is zinc plated. No black fasteners that I can think of. Fender mounting bolts, hood insulation hold downs, latch, all of the bolts holding front sheet metal, back of the hood "latch" thingy, throttle linkage, all silver. The hood hinges are black, I suppose you could do those (with the springs) in black phosphate. Trying to think if anything else is black...
  6. Yeah Barney, I believe that's what happened. Thanks everybody for the lesson. Love the Forum!
  7. I believe I got it Boys! Took my dad, wife, and son out to get some BarBQue earlier today. Took the 55. Tracked nice and straight, plenty of power. Unfortunately in the 100 degree heat today, I pegged the temp gauge today. Had to turn off the AC. Dangit! I think there may be a timing issue. Just changed the coolant. Everything else is fresh as well. Oh well. I'll check it out again. May have to add auxiliary fan after Senior Preservation. BTW running Autolite 303 plugs, look great after 10-15k miles.
  8. I just remember you asking if anybody had tried it after last years breakfast. It was a guess as to how to spell it. Who says I have no memory?
  9. Pete, I put mine, on a 55 of course, to the right of where Leif has his (in the triangle over the spare). The reason I did this was my insulation was slightly damaged from where it sagged and rubbed the spare. I would think it is one of these places, although I like where you have yours placed, whether it's right or not.
  10. We'll miss you Stevo, I was looking forward to that Serbian Slibovich. I figured your hunskie would buy a few rounds . I will have one in the father of the brides honor.
  11. Yes they are Stevo. Make sure you get together with John before he leaves so you can give him your C-note (in absentia swap). I'll pick for you and make sure I get one of Bill's unwanted eBay items.
  12. Here we go. Buckle up, Fellers. Giddy up!
  13. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: JohnD1956</div><div class="ubbcode-body">In the words of the infamous Mr. Earl, My GAWD, 4 ongoing restorations being documented side by side! How much better can this possibly get? </div></div> Just for fun...
  14. Bob has actually made several good points. A) this is how the Hatfields and McCoys started. the old fart who made the original statement hasn't lost any sleep over this. C) getting over it is the best thing at this point We're all in this together, enjoy your car and I hope your wife doesn't sell hers. (Also, very) respectfully
  15. I could conceivably "afford" a $35k car, but why? The last "new" car I bought was a loaded Mazda B4000 that I use for work. It was originally a $25k truck that I got for less than half of that with 12k miles on it. I know on the restoration of my 55 convertible that I will spend AT LEAST $35 k. I can deal with that, but for the riff-raff of us making less than 100 grand a year, you won't see me in a Thirty Five Thousand dollar car anytime soon.
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