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  1. I have been fighting with a death type wobble on my 31 866 coupe. Over the winter, I tightened wheel bearings, drag link ends, steering box. Kingpins are tight with no play. Today I had my garage guy put it up on his lift. Only play seemed to be in the "shock eliminator" when we shook the wheels back and forth, there seems a lot of float in the axle stemming from that piece. We tightened the bolts about two turns each, which looked to make things better. I checked the measurement as the service manual says. My measurement is about 3 3/8 now. Spec should be 3 17/32. My question is what kind of
  2. I belong to the antique outboard group. They turned me on to cleaning original motors with WD40. Doesn't bother the paint. Works good with soft brushes or micro fiber towels. Leaves a nice protective finish when done. I like them original and this works great. I have used this method on my old cars for hard to reach spots and small parts. Hope this helps. Dave.
  3. Thanks guys. I'll try to get my local tire guys to get it up on the lift to check further. I have asked about wheel balancing,and they tell me there is no way for them to do it. I know about the wheel studs for that purpose, maybe I can get them to spin balance on the car. I assume that is still possible.I'll keep working on it. Dave
  4. My car is a 1931 Model 866s sport coupe. I restored it about six years ago. It is a great car to drive and tour with. Late last fall while taking the boss for breakfast, we hit a rough patch in the road. The steering wheel began to shake violently. Only way to stop the shaking was to stomp on the brakes real hard. We went a little further down the road and it happened again. We went home and put the car up for winter. this winter I jacked her up and checked tie rod ends , kingpins, draglink ends, and all parts related to the front end. I tightened the draglink ends as the manual talks about
  5. Thanks guys. I didn't mean to stir up a hornet's nest. I had my own thoughts both ways, which is why I sought out other opinions. I'll have the boss read through this and we'll have our own discussion. I really enjoy this forum. Keep up the great work!!
  6. My wife and I are planning to go on the Glidden Tour this fall. I was told she would feel much safer if I installed seatbelts in our 1931 Buick Sport coupe. I have concerns with fastening them to the wood frame under the seat. There is not a good place on the frame to attach them. I have looked at lots of videos and it looks like most are just fastened to the floor pans with big washers in later cars. I am looking for thoughts for guidance, or if this is even a good idea. Thanks Dave
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