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  1. I have a 38 truck and the lights on it are larger than what I believe are correct. If you have time please post a picture. Thanks
  2. I have talked to Don. He doesn't have anything presently. Thanks for your reply.
  3. Thanks for your reply. My bucket has the slim chrome rim on the bucket. I think yours are later.
  4. I have two different headlights on my 36 LC pickup. Drivers side has about 8 inch lens and passenger side is about 7.5 inches. I think the smaller one is correct, so I am looking for a driver side light in the smaller version. All leads greatly appreciated. Thanks Dave
  5. I have used the "Temperature Gauge Guy in Vermont several times. Very reasonable price. Sent the temp gauge to him same time as my ampmeter to Bob's. That was back in April. Recieved it back less than three weeks. Ampmeter is still at Bob's. Last call still had no ETA.
  6. Thanks for your reply. I have had many great seat miles in this car. I really like driving it. This problem came on out of the blue on a short trip to breakfast. If I hit a rough patch, the steering wheel goes into a violent shake until I stop the car. I explained the problem on the general forum, hoping for some help. I'll keep looking.
  7. Thanks for your reply Mark. If I hit a rough patch of road, The steering wheel begins to shake violently until I almost come to a complete stop. Over the winter trying to find some thing loose in the front end, I found with the axle off the ground, when I shake the front wheel left to right, These springs move quite freely back and forth. By description the springs should be very stiff. When I first experienced this I removed the cotter pins from the castle nut retainers and could tighten the nuts by hand. There is a spec for there adjustment to center the axle in place. The retainer nuts can be tightened far beyond the measurement before they snug up. King pins are tight. tie rod ends ok and I have tightened up the drag link as directed. There is no more than normal play in the steering box. Not sure where else to look. It came on suddenly after many pleasurable miles
  8. I have a 1931 Buick 866 coupe. I posted awhile back about problems with front end shimmy. I believe the shock eliminator on the left front of the frame may be weak. The book I have says these are very stiff springs. They should be checked for correct tension. I have not any specs for this tension. I have searched the Master list and have not found a part number or even a reference for the springs. I would like to replace them , but i'm at a loss to find anything. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Dave. P.S. I posted this on the Buick Prewar site also.
  9. I have a 1931 866 Sport Coupe. I have been having trouble with front end shimmy. I have traced it down to the shock eliminator on the left front of the frame. The spec book says to make sure the springs have proper tension. I haven't found any spec on "proper tension" other than they should be very stiff. I would like to replace the springs. I have been thru the parts guide several times and can't come up with a part number or even a reference to them. Looking for any thoughts or ideas for where to find replacements. They look like valve springs, but don't no how to gauge them. Thanks Dave
  10. Hi I'd like to buy the coil with bracket pictured inside the belt. Do you have the keyswitch and cable that go with it? Thanks Dave
  11. I'll check my book tomorrow. Thanks for the reply
  12. I need the pieces that go thru the floor.
  13. Looking for the parts and pieces to put the starter pedal back on the floor as original. Would take a starter , any condition also. Thanks Dave
  14. Looking for starter pedal and linkage for 1936 Dodge pickup. Want to put it back to original on the floor. Could use the starter too, used or recon , or what you have. Thanks Dave in N.H.
  15. Love the movie. I grew up in Plaistow, about twenty minutes south. Now live in the lakes region. We went on a Christmas walk there last year. The center of town looks the same, shy of the dated cars. Pretty city.
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