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  1. Thank you. I will look in that direction.
  2. The panels on the dash: ashtray, radio cover, gages panel, glovebox door, all had decals that mimicked wood stripes. Many moons ago I saw them at a trade fair. The trim around dash and windows had a plastic like coating painted on that was meant to look like wood. I once saw (in Hemmings) that a guy near Houston offered that service but do not find him now. Any leads are appreciated. gladden@airmail.net 713-443-6633
  3. I need at least one hubcap for my 1936 Dodge Brothers D2 sedan but would like to find two to have a back up. Measurements are 7" inside and 8.5" outside. Greg Gladden Gladden@airmail.net 713-443-6633
  4. Do you still have a crank hole cover for sale? Gladden@airmail.net
  5. Had gauges sent to restore. They lost fuse holder on back of ampmetor. I need replacement fuse holder or replacement ampmetor with fuse holder. Greg Gladden 713 880 0333 gladden@airmail.net
  6. I am new to this group. I have a '36 D2 and had all the gauges "renewed". They returned the Ammeter missing the fuse holder that was on the back. Anyone have a replacement or a remedy? The system is all original six volt positive ground.
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