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  1. Here are some 1952 model 52 tags. In addition to rivets being used to attach the tag, it appears that the tag in your picture has been modified to read: 1952 MOD. 52-59 STYLE No 59-4519 when it should say 1952 MOD. 52-52 STYLE No 52-4519 This was probably done because, as Al said, some one replaced the original 1951 model 59 trim tag with a 1952 model 52 trim tag.
  2. In 1952 trim 51 was Dark Grey Cloth and Light Grey Bolster and available only on model 52 (style 4519). Model 59 had different trim codes. You can find my trim code list here: https://forums.aaca.org/topic/231704-1932-1975-buick-trim-codes-by-model/ Some 1951 and 1952 model 59 Ionia tags attached for comparison.
  3. That model is listed on the parts catalog for 1927. I have some serial numbers for a couple 1927 model 49 cars. If you have any old McLaughlin Buick Club of Canada Accelerator magazines, here are the references: MBCC Accelerator, May 1974, Vol. 3, Issue 6, page 11 MBCC Accelerator, May/June 1985, Vol. 14, Issue 6, page 17
  4. ST 73 4EY87 FL1 281966 BDY TR 684 54 T PNT 05B AM6 Fisher body style number = 4EY87 4 = Buick E = E-body platform Y = Riviera 87 = 2-door hardtop coupe FL1 = body built at Flint MI 218966 = body number Trim 684 = Neutral Cloth with 60/40 Front Seat, available on style 4EY87 (sales code 364) Paint code 54 = Autumn Gold Metallic (sales code K) T = Sandalwood vinyl top (sales code 7) 05B = build date = May (05) 1973, second week (B) Option codes AM6 = 60/40 Front Seats
  5. If you post a picture of the trim tag I can decode it. There were two codes, the sales code on the Buick literature and the production code used by Fisher body on the trim tag. For example Harvest Gold paint was Buick sales code M and Fisher code 60. For trim, Saddle Cloth with 60/40 front seat in the Riviera was Buick sales code 366 and Fisher code 686. I think most online paint references use the Fisher codes and most interior places use the Buick sales codes.
  6. Paint code 575 = solid Ontario Maroon Trim code 107 = sorry don't have Canadian trim codes for 1935 This car was built in Canada by GM of Canada and is not an export car. The production number of 11 export cars you are referring to is for cars built in the US at Flint Michigan. GM of Canada production figures are not include in the production numbers for Flint. You can get more information from Vintage Vehicles Services if you want to pay for a report: https://www.vintagevehicleservices.com/
  7. 1948 MOD 56-C STYLE No 48-4567X BODY No L 9479 TRIM No 44 PAINT No 31 Fisher body style number 4567X 4 = Buick 5 = Series 50/Super 67 = 2-door convertible, 6-passenger, X = with hydraulic window lifts/seat/top BODY No L 9479 L = Linden, NJ 9479 = 9,479th style 4567 built at Linden Trim 44 = Tan Bedford Cord and Red Leather, available on model 56C only Paint code 31 = solid Carlsbad Black 34887377 = frame serial number 3 = Linden, NJ 4887377 = sequential number, range for 1948 was 4801266 to 5020983
  8. Just for fun, a picture of a 1959 GM of Canada serial number plate showing the car serial number and engine serial number for a Buick model 4439, same plate used by all GM of Canada divisions.
  9. It's a Canadian built engine. GM of Canada used a different serial number system than the US. B9222332 B = 364 nailhead V8 from 4400 series (LeSabre) 9 = automatic transmission 222332 = sequential number, range for 1959 is 211004 to 222905
  10. Trim tag decode: BUICK MOTOR DIVISION GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION FLINT, MICH. 1955 MOD. 55-66C STYLE No 55-4667X BODY No G 1584 TRIM No 15 S PAINT No 1DD TOP ACC BODY BY FISHER Buick model 55-66C 55 = 1955 model year 66C = 2-door convertible, 6-passenger Fisher body style number 55-4667x 55 = 1955 model year 4 = Buick 6 = Series 60/Century 67 = 2-door convertible, 6-passenger X = with power windows/seat/top Body No G 1584 G = body built at Flint, MI 1584 = 1,584th 4667X built at Flint, MI TRIM
  11. 1936 MOD. STYLE 36-4477B BODY No. 9046 TRIM 245 PAINT 432 Mod. 46 = Buick Special 2-door business coupe with deck, 2-passenger (hard to tell, but looks like 46 might be stamped there) Style 4477B = Fisher body style number 4 = Buick 4 = Series 40/Special 77B = 2-door business coupe with deck, 2-passenger BODY No. 9046 9046 = 9046th 4477B built Trim 245 = Brown Bedford Cord, available on models 41, 46, 46S, 46SR, 48 Paint code 432 = solid Phantom Grey Metallic
  12. Same place as the engine serial number (on a pad at the front of the right cylinder head) but the engine production code is stamped upside down in relation to the engine serial number.
  13. Job number 7710 is a 1928 model 58 2-door coupe.
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