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  1. Hi Guys! just a quick note to say “hello”! I’m based in Ireland and always loved the style of the classic Buick’s. Fairly regular visitor (well, before COVID anyway) to the US both for vacation and business and always try to find a local cruise night when I’m there! I’m blessed to have a a few nice examples - they always turn heads this side of the Atlantic as you never see them on the roads over here. Here’s a few pics of the cars. Anyway, looking forward to chatting with you guys! Rowan
  2. Cheers for the advice guys. I haven't seen many for sale - where do you typically see these cars for sale? I am after a 40's era convertible so dont be shy with the tips!
  3. Yeah, they watch these like a hawk. Same on this side of the pond - the title number will need to match the VIN number (although in this case if the theory above is correct I'll have to get a letter to state that for this State/Car the title number is actually the engine number). BTW - no tag on the drivers pillar, it was lost (or just never put on).
  4. Hey Bernie! Asking 29k for the car and yes the intention is to keep it with no intention of selling it on (well.... who knows what'll happen in the future!)
  5. Ok so that is very interesting and could be a step closer to clarifying things. So its possible (this is Michigan btw) that the number on the title was the original engine number but now that it was swapped, its the reason we cant find it anywhere on the car. I do believe the original engine is still there somewhere so I'll see if they can find that and see if we get a match. If the theory behind this is right and the current owner can show the original engine I would have thought it seems likely the title can be updated with the current engine number? Ok if I read you right the current engine number 4742350-5 is actually correct in being a 1947 engine - I dont get the point about the final 5 being out of alignment? The car is a Super so the designation 50 is correct?
  6. Many thanks for the replies guys! So I'm dubious myself as to whether the title can be rectified, but the seller thinks it is possible with some collaboration between the police and the local secretary of state (apparently done it before), but will need to wait to see what this entails, but it certainly wont happen quickly due to the lockdown. Interesting you note the engine number was restamped - I did notice that 7 looked a bit odd compared to the rest of the numbers. Is this even a legitimate engine number? I am tempted to walk.... but want to see if its salvageable....
  7. Hi Guys, I'm a Buick collector here in Ireland and am about to purchase a 1948 Buick Super 56C Convertible. I've just had a pre-purchase inspection done and unfortunately its shown up not to be the car as described so I'm trying to figure out if its worth progressing. The car was restored by an older gentleman who unfortunately since died and he spent 20yrs in his garage restoring it. Its now sat since about 2006 with infrequent use by his family to get it out. It looks like he restored it using a parts car. The VIN on the car is 3 4887377 which I thought originally was a Jersey plant car built in '48, but subsequent digging has shown this might not be the case (see pic attached from Buicks own chassis service manual). There is no VIN plate on the door pillar of the car. To make matters worse the current title shows the VIN to be 50932805 (which is going to have to be corrected to sort the cloudy title, otherwise I wont be able to export and register here to Ireland) The engine is also not right for the year - the number on the engine is 4742350-5. So it looks like it might be from a '47 based on the starting engine numbers I see for '48, but could really do with some help validating this. So it looks like its a bit of a "frankenstein" - I'm not overly worried about it not being numbers matching. Sure, its a PITA finding this out now, but I believe the car is still worth progressing. After 20yrs of sitting there are a number of things leaking which will need to be sorted (rad, water pump, steering box, old engine seals, fuel pump etc). Anyone suggest a good parts specialist where I can get these '40's parts at a reasonable cost? The main door side windows are also delaminated, so I'll need to try and get this sorted in the US before shipping to Ireland (if at all possible). Would deffo appreciate some help with validating the numbers above! Rowan.
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