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  1. My Motors manual calls for .003 to .008 axle end play with equal readings at both sides to center the thrust block. There is no step by step instruction. I have both sides within specs. measured with a dial indicator now but not equal. I will probably shim tight on the side with the most end play and loose on the other thinking that there may be slight changes to the end play as the miles traveled accumulate and the new bearings seat. I don't like the imprecision of it. 

  2. 6 hours ago, Spinneyhill said:

    You can also buy "arbor shims" from the likes of Grainger. They come in various sizes and thicknesses.


    I just made mine from shim stock. Far cheaper. The shim stock was $15 for a sheet and I made two from it. I think a packet of 10 (all one size) will work out cheaper for you in the US, but you first need to assemble (leave out the seal) and measure the end float to work out what you need.

    I can't seem to adjust one axle shaft end play without affecting the opposite side end play. Is there a trick to it?  My manual gives the allowable measurement and instructs to adjust end play with shims but does not say how to do it. I have both sides within specs. but can't even them out.   Thanks.   John

  3. No wood. 108,000 original miles. Dark blue metallic. Never hit. No time for planned sedan delivery conversion. Always stored inside. Stored since 2011. Good title. 102_2457.JPG102_2458.JPG102_2459.JPG102_2460.JPGWill start with gas poured down carb. and run on that gas. Virtually perfect blue interior with crack free dash pad and steering wheel. Some primered surface rust on ext. Rusty underneath. 

    $600.00 located in Iowa.   Thanks.  

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  4. Restoration completed by Anderson Restoration  in 2002. Driven 111 miles. Stored in climate controlled garage. AACA RE OLDS Award. POST WAR CAR Award. BOMGARDNER Award. Multiple AACA award winner. $97,500 obo  Selling for owner who is retiring. Car is located in Iowa. Thanks. John Worden    PM me.olds 1.jpgolds2.jpgolds3.jpgolds4.jpgolds5.JPGolds7.JPGolds8.JPGolds9.JPGolds10.JPGolds11.JPGolds12.JPGolds13.JPG

  5. The Lester tire has a 4" WW  One plus for the Firestone is the 4 1/4" WW  despite the flawed appearance.  From What I can tell all the Firestone 820x15 bias ply WW tires on the planet come from Coker regardless of who the seller/retailer is.  I have asked about sanding the side wall on the H.A.M.B forum and haven't read of a successful WW detailing method as of yet.    Thanks.   John

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