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  1. Speaking of early electric  coach work, I was amazed at the amount of skill shown in the construction of the aluminum front and rear quarter panels on the 1915 Milburn I finished earlier this year. They are large with compound shape mostly. I could not find any sign of a weld either inside or out which means that they were formed in one piece. Quite an accomplishment then and now.     John

  2. Message for johnworden1.

    I wrote to you on October 20 advising that the Dodge truck was a 3 ton war model T110-L-5 manufactured in Canada.

    Could you please advise the color of the engine and transmission and maybe where I could get a copy of a photo of the engine so that an associate here in Australia can continue with his authentic restoration.


    John Spinks

    I sent a photo to you.   John

  3. Found one on eBay that looks to be a good replacement: 




    I have ordered and received this plate.  I like it except for the fact that "DODGE TRUCKS"  is centered 1/4" too far left. The photo on ebay shows it centered. I'm going to see if I can get a better one.    Will keep you posted.   John

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