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  1. This tank was an auxiliary tank in a customized 1951 Lincoln Cosmopalitan convertible built in Arizona in the late 50's The car has been in use in Arizona until I acquired it last month Augest 2011 I don't need the tank and have removed it from the car. It is a high vent type probebly suitable for mid and late 50's Porsche 356 A S.W. fuel guage sender has been relocated rearward and to the pass. side. The outlet has also been relocated to the drivers end from the middle of the tank floor. Other than that the tank is clean, black in color and dent free. The cap shows a small amount of surface rust on top. A nice KARCO fuel cock is included. The sale of the tank will help me purchase some new tires for the car. I hope to have some photos of the tank, cap and cock posted here tommorrow Wednesday. I want $250 for the tank, cap and cock. Shipping additional at actual cost. Thanks for your patiance. John Worden

  2. Shop manual specifies 820x15 super balloon tires. What would the width of the whitewalls have been from the factory? The heater core has a plate attached to the outflow side that would prevent fan blown air from passing through it. What's that all about? Need passenger side chrome grill assembly for the kick panel. Thanks. John

  3. I have a 93 Caprice wagon with the same problem. The vinyl wood grain is peeling off the moldings. Some time ago they were available from GM for a high price each. I doubt that they are still available. Try salvege yards. I plan to remove the wood grain vinyl from the moldings and paint them a color that goes well with the wood grain main panels. john

  4. Includes engine no carb, trans, frame, rear axle and springs, fuel tank and cover, spare carrier, some of rear bumper, steering column, front springs, no front axle, damaged cowl, no instruments, all brake linkage, hood, left front fender, no title. surface rust on everything. Buyer takes all. $500.00 Located in central Iowa. Working on getting photos. John

  5. Thank you all for the information. One last request. I don't have a front axle. With so many wheelbases and models offered from buick can anyone advise as to which axle/axles will fit this chassis? Would it be too much to ask for a photo of what I should look for if I see some separated from it's chassis? Thanks again. John

  6. I have a 1930 model 57 chassis. Were wire wheels offered from Buick for it? What make were they? I assume wood spoke wheels would have been standard. By looking at the rear brake drums and hubs how can I tell what type of wheel it was equipped with wire or wood spoke? Are there interchangebale parts to mount wires if my hubs won't accept them? Is there a Buick roadster body that will fit this chassis? My goal is to build a special of some kind on this chassis. Thanks much. John

  7. SKIP, If you are referring to abrasive blasted metal I suggest thoroughly cleaning and degreasing the parts prior to blasting as the blasting can drive the contamination into pores in the metal as you strip the part. In quick succession clean with clean compressed air only and follow immediately with epoxy primer before flash rust can occur. Now apply filler ( I use Rage Extreme ) if needed. Sand. Prime. Sand. Clean with PPG DX 320 or Dupont 3812S or equivalent not wax and grease remover. Tack wipe. Color. I've used Por 15 on floors and like it.

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