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  1. Steve, I want to post photos of the interior because it is beautiful. It was done by a shop in Ames Iowa so I can't take credit. Before the interior shots I will "fit" some rose buds in the vases. 

    The car drives well in first, second and reverse. I haven't got up the nerve to go faster yet. I forgot to look at the volt/amp gauge while underway. Steering is fairly light once underway. Suspension with driver only is stiffer than I thought it would be. Softer would be nice. It is a bit odd sitting back so far in the car. I can see the allure of a light electric for around town use. Four passengers would be a tight fit. The overall feel is that of a powered wagon. The car weights 2700 lbs. with 170 lb. driver. 

    Thanks to you Steve for answering my questions and providing photos. 

  2. Left over from restoration-----

    1 Used OEM jack set

    2 Used Oem left front wheel opening molding.

    3 Set of Used OEM nice door vent window glass. AS-2 LX-16 LOF SAFETY PLATE SOLID TEMPERED

    4 New repo in the package charcoal mesh package tray liner.

    $100 plus ship from Iowa 50632 Thanks. Johnpost-43671-143142961757_thumb.jpg

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