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  1. This is a rust free original tank, valve and cap out of Arizona. The outlet has been moved. Sender may have been moved as well. Restore this rust free tank and put it back on the road. See photos. $200.00 plus ship. Trade for Appleton 112 spotlight parts or 49- 53 Ford flathead 2 carb intake or headers. post-43671-143142167899_thumb.jpgThanks. John in Iowa 50632 PM me

    The spindle photo was attached by accident. It's speedo drive side marked VW I also have 2 no vent VW wheel rims. Offers???? Trade?? John






  2. I believe the 1951 factory chassis manual ( not body manual ) shows all the heater parts. Does anyone have the chassis manual and if so could you look in it to see if the heater system especially the core box, core and related parts are shown in it ? I would pay for a copy of that page if possible. Or post a scan on this thread ? Thanks. John

  3. John, try the Lincoln/Mercury old parts store. They have the '51 owner's manual, $35. phone # 888-500-9717. A 1949-1951 ( 800+ page) shop manual may also be available ? The owner's manual just gives a diagram of the heater/vent system and doesn't give any specifics as far as adjustments to the complicated dual control cable system. Good luck.

    Does the owners manual show the heater core and if so does it show a plate covering the air outflow side of it ? Could you copy the page showing the core and core box ? Thanks. John

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