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  1. Would anyone have an otherwise junk fuel tank they would cut the fill neck off of so I could solder it onto the pictured tank? 

    I would like several inches of metal beyond the solder joint remaining for trimming and fitting purposes. 


    Also what is the thread at the pickup tube? 

    Thanks.     John



  2. I have a 1911 Baker Model O Light Truck chassis for sale. It could be powered with a new electric system and a wood cab and flatbed built to resemble the original. 

    The wood wheels can be duplicated with hard rubber tires. It would be very unique to say the least. 

    I could build the truck if desired or portions of it. I have cars to finish before I could take it on. 

    I'm asking $3000,00 for it as is.    Thanks,   John                        Please excuse if I already contacted you. 

  3. When blasting large pieces I blast and immediately epoxy  prime only portions of the whole that I can accomplish in 1 work day. 

    Allow dry time . Protect that area and continue the 1 day blast/prime routine again until the project is finished.

    I work in a humid climate as well.  

    Luck.      John

  4. On 1/4/2019 at 9:43 AM, vicpanza said:

    BTW, mixed up messages about the steering wheel puller. If you want to use my wiper cover for a color match, LMK and I will mail it over.




    Vic,   I would like for you to send the wiper cover and the color information for it.  

    Do you have color information for the red you used on your 37?  I could use that info as well. 

    I will return the cover and reimburse you for the shipping cost. 

    John Worden

    405 Green Mountain Road

    Green Mountain, Iowa 50632        641 474 2313 home/shop              Thank you.   John

  5. Restore the chassis with new wood wheels and solid rubber tires. Build a simple flat bed and phone booth cab. Fit 100_0270.thumb.JPG.c0b52415ddadd41dd0beb1c669bdcf8b.JPG100_0271.thumb.JPG.81da4758588f5439e4b7b43dac2c85d4.JPG100_0272.thumb.JPG.3f139a7adf5f33ada2f90d0d715e1b79.JPG new motor , controller etc and have truly one of a kind and probably the the only one left that actually runs.  Data plate still attached to frame.     I saved it from the scrapper.   $5000.00 owns it.    Located In Iowa.        Thanks,    John

  6. Vic,     

                   More questions........    Do you have any parts with good original factory color?   Do you think 38 Plymouth truck interior would be the same?   Thanks for the offer. I may take you up on that. Can you provide the paint info and manufacturer name on the paint can  label?  I want to research the matter further.        John

  7. 3 hours ago, Surf City '38 said:

    The back of your interior trim pieces that hold in place the headliners and rear interior cab covers have the paint on the back side of them since they dipped the entire trim piece when they painted them. 


    Simply take one of those to a good paint shop and they can scan it in a color analyzer...GLWT

    The interior parts are too rough to match. Those color analyzers pick the closest existing formula. Results vary. I prefer to locate a close color and tint myself. Thanks you anyway.


  8. 5 hours ago, vicpanza said:



    I have a spare wiper access cover that is painted that would be good for a color match. If you need my steering wheel puller, I could send it along.



    Is the cover factory paint or one you painted?   If factory paint I sure would like to borrow it.   John

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